Free Internet and Cellular Serivice

Are you having trouble with having so many bills to pay, and that cellular phone bill and internet bill just keeps getting more and more expensive? Well have no fear. There is a new company that is allowing their customers absolutely free internet and cellular phone service. FreedomPop is gaining in popularity quickly because of their fair prices for equipment and their free service for their customers. This article is meant to inform the public of this new and exciting phenomenon of a company.

FreedomPop launched their company in 2012, and since then, they have contracted with the Sprint network to use their data, voice, and text message capacity. FreedomPop pays the price for these free services, and they make their money in up sells. These up sells include international services, insurance plans, extra minutes, and extra data allowance per month. These are not required, which means that you can get all of your services for free. Customers can even use their old Sprint equipment if they would like to get it switched over to FreedomPop making the starting bill that much cheaper.

These days FreedomPop is no longer just an US company, but they have expanded to include plans in the UK. The company has finally gone international even though they have always included international minutes to use in the US. They have been able to include international minutes to call 50 countries around the world, and now they plan on expanding to include the UK to be able to use their free services across the pond.

In the past three years, this company has quickly grown to the worth of over 40 million dollars. They make their money the same way most companies make their money, through up sells for the products that their customers need. They are expecting to expand their customer base to over a million customers soon, and it will most likely happen because who can beat free service.

You really should take a look at this company and see if their service is available in your area. They are based out of Los Angeles, California, but they have spread out throughout the states. You can find out if their service is available to you by going to Ebates will even give you 5 dollars back for joining FreedomPop’s service. Save a bill or two, and get your free service, and on the Sprint network, you won’t be disappointed.

Young people reaching high

Young people are looking to work for a few good companies Although it’s said that the economy is improving, college students aren’t venturing out into the deep waters of choices. There are a few companies that have been looking good to them like, Google, Apple, Goldman Sachs and IBM. Google has been put at the top of the list for the students especially the business students. It seems as though young people are setting their sights on greater things knowing that what you are able to add to your resume is key in this economy, no longer is the McDonalds’, Burger Kings and other fast food restaurants the big thing. What is impressive overall is the fact that these students aren’t afraid to reach and aim high, they don’t hold on to the stereotype that fast-food is all there is for them. These companies that are being sought out offer more than just a pay check, they have training programs, benefits and for the most part longevity; as we know technology and business aren’t going anywhere.


Also, surprisingly enough young people are making their choices based on the quality of the products produced as well as the integrity of the company producing them. That’s what Madison Street Capital workers are doing. Our young people are growing up and making choices now that are more mature than in past generation where money was the only concern. These young people want to make a difference in the market, go for it young people!

Reducing the Costs of Solar Energy

You’ve heard about all the ways to reduce your carbon footprint. Heck, you’ve even considered switching to solar power, but if you’re like one of many, you’ve seen the high cost of solar energy in the United States. In many other countries, the difference between our situation is like night and day. Dubai’s current solar project will give them rates of less than half of what US residents pay for electricity. So what does the government plan to do?

Just last year, the Energy Department of the Climate Action Plan received 25 million dollars to advance solar power system tech in order to provide more efficient and better performing units. This is all to achieve the 2010 goal that the US Department of Energy made to reduce the cost of solar energy to 1 dollar per watt. This would make the renewable source competitive to fossil-fueled energy.

In a recent progress report, the energy initiative is due to reach this $1 mark in 2017, 3 years ahead of their predetermined schedule. Cost reductions have largely been accounted for by increased interest in solar energy on a global scale. If we are able to reach this goal early there will be a boom in new tech for energy storage as well.

All in all, solar energy is proving to be a widespread phenomenon that is taking storm. Hopefully with enough cost reductions, we can all play our part in making our world a better safer place. Crystal Hunt would certainly like to see that.

Can Social Media Affect Your Happiness?

Most people enjoy going on social media and seeing any kinds of updates that are there. According to Beneful, most people enjoy keeping up with their friends through the help that social media offers them. The whole idea of a website or app that allows friends to connect and family members to stay in touch seems like a good idea. Social media seems like something that would keep individuals happy. Is that the case, though? Does social media do what it is meant to do, does it make its users happy?

It seems that one’s friends on social media may actually affect one’s happiness – for good or for bad. The friends that one has on social media and the updates that those friends make affects the way that an individual feels. Social media doesn’t always make a person happy, there are times when it negatively affects the way that someone is feeling. Social media affects one’s emotions, and it can do that in a good way or in a bad way.

The New Origami Battery

Every day, new innovations in portable electronics are being made – whether it be a new function, a new design, or a new material, countless inventions are constantly being released and advertised for various attributes of cell phones and televisions alike.

It is not a frequent occurrence, however, that large strides are made with the technology associated with their batteries stated Paul Mathieson. A new invention created by Seokheun “Sean” Choi is what he calls the “origami battery.” Not only is this battery fold-able, compact, and made of paper, but it is powered by microbial respiration. This means that the carbon dioxide created by breathing bacteria is actually the source of power for this product, leaving a huge amount of possibilities to the imagination as far as where to obtain a power source.
A picture of the device and a brief description of it’s inventor can be found here, where the origami element of the battery is displayed. Numerous possibilities open up with the invention of such a compact and sustainable battery. The ability to easily create and transport the battery have made it a highly valuable piece of technology on its own, and the cost of the materials to create it – a resounding 5 cents – have made this invention invaluable in powering tools and larger energy sources for those in developing countries. Hopefully this is an invention that we’ll be seeing in many different facets of life, as it’s power to improve the world is as large as the battery itself is small.

Virginia Allows Self-Driving Car Tests On 70 Miles Of Highway

70 miles of freeway in northern Virginia will be opened up for the testing of self-driving vehicles. Known as the “Virginia Automated Corridors”, these stretches of highway will be supervised by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute. Self-driving cars will be required to have a human on board, ready to take over in an emergency. They must first pass testing on the VTTI’s smart roads before being allowed to operate in public.

The state of Virginia hopes to take the lead in the safe testing of self-driving cars. Currently only the states of California, Nevada, Michigan, and Florida and the District of Columbia permit the public testing of automated vehicles.

Myra Blanco, director of VTTI’s Center for Automated Vehicle Systems, spoke of plans to make Virginia the leading state to test self-driving vehicles. “Other states are saying you need to prove that independently you can do all this testing. What we are trying to do is show them how to do the testing and how to facilitate the process as well.”

Some of the test roads in Virginia now have the ability to direct automated cars through traffic lights. Future innovations may include cars that can take control from a distracted driver in a crisis, hopefully having become more reliable than human judgement. The automated car of the future may even be able to train new drivers on its own, taking over as necessary when a teen’s judgement falters. All I know is that my friend Mikal Watts is wanting one desperately and follows all of the news.

Most Efficient and Latest Radiology Solution: Teleradiology

Teleradiology refers to the technology of transmitting digital patient images such as PET scans, ultrasounds, X-rays, CT scans, MRIs and EHRs electronically. These images are then used by radiologists and other professional physicians involved in the wellbeing of the patient for diagnostic purposes. The benefit of this technology is that it can be viewed anywhere by the authorized personnel. With a proper solutions provider, the security is outstanding as well. Teleradiology is one technology that has all encompassing benefits from physicians, radiologists and patients.

The following are some benefits that this solution can offer to everyone –

Reduction in Costs – Costs are saved in multiple areas and this isn’t just in terms of maintaining a hard copy of patient’s medical history and diagnosis. First of all, radiologists can easily access images from a remote location which saves time and money. There is no travelling involved. Secondly, remote working is also made possible because of teleradiology.

Faster Diagnosis – The results of teleradiology are instant in nature because images are viewed instantly by the radiologist. There is no wastage of time and this leads to a faster diagnosis for the patient. Usually, DICOM viewers are used by hospitals and clinics for viewing these images. Because the diagnosis is faster, patient care improves manifold.

Better Consultation – It is easy for physicians and subspecialty radiologists to access the images, view them and work together to find the best solution for the patient’s woes. If a clinical radiologist wishes to obtain second opinion about a particular patient, the images can be easily transferred to a subspecialty radiologist like neuroradiologist, musculoskeletal radiologist, MRI radiologist, et al. The time saved in transferring images can be utilized in collaboration between specialists and experts.

Simple Solution for Staffing Problems – There is a shortage of radiology staff in various medical establishments. However, teleradiology is a quick fix to this problem because radiologists do not require to be on-site for offering a diagnosis. The functions can be discharged from anywhere, thereby leading to an end of staffing issues. Less staff also directly equates to less costs for the establishment.

Easy to Provide Emergency Services – Catastrophe can strike at any time, whether it is after hours for a practice, a holiday, weekend, holiday period, vacation time or anything else. With the help of teleradiology, round the clock patient care becomes a very real possibility.

Facilitates Rural Patient Care – In certain rural areas, expansion of network is not always feasible. The technology of teleradiology makes it a reality. Small hospitals in rural areas can simply send their images to subspecialists and physicians without any hassles.

Teleradiology also offers educational opportunities. In order to reap all these benefits, it is important to choose a great solutions provider like Imaging Advantage. The technology of teleradiology is still in the foetal stage and as such, only reputed and experienced solutions provider should be trusted with the job. Imaging Advantage offers various teleradiology solutions that reduce costs, offer onsite staffing, cover subspecialties, and so much more. Find more information on Imaging Advantage on their twitter page.

Amazing Breakthrough in Bionics With a Thought-Controlled Foot

The development of prosthetic limbs has gotten more advanced over the past couple decades. They used to just be a solid piece that attached to any remaining part of a limb, but there have been breakthroughs in the past several years in robotic prosthetics. There have been advancements in the materials used to make such limbs and technology like Bluetooth has been used to enable, for example, two synthetic limbs to communicate and coordinate better. The holy grail of prosthetic limb development would be to have such a limb controlled by our own thoughts just as we control our body’s natural arms, legs, hands and feet. An Icelandic company called Ossur is conducting trials of just such a breakthrough technology.

Crystal Hunt describes how it works on her facebook, here goes. It works by implanting sensors in the remaining part of the limb that the artificial portion is then attached to. The sensors interpret the brain’s signals so that when you normally think of moving your foot, the foot responds as your original foot would have. They are still testing the technology, and any new technology will have bugs to work out, and at this point, it is just a foot that is being tested. This technology should be of great interest here in America where we have soldiers who have returned from Iraq and Afghanistan missing part or all of some limbs. We are getting closer to prosthetic technology that was the stuff of science fiction just a couple decades ago.

Google Fights Back Against Memory Bloat in Chrome Browser

Gone are the days of using a computer with less than a gigabyte of RAM. To get anything done in the modern world you need internet access. In order to get on the internet you need a modern browser. The only problem: modern browsers like Chrome suck your memory dry.

The team at Google is working hard to fix memory leaks and bloat in their flagship Chrome browser according to Dr. Daniel Amen. This is especially important considering the rise of mobile computing. Mobile devices tend to lack the expansive resources many desktop and laptop computers come with.

I personally find browser bloat to be extremely annoying. I’ve noticed my Chrome browser consuming more than 2 gigabytes of RAM before with just one or two tabs open. The more tabs you open, the more memory that gets sucked up. Even when you close the tabs that memory never seems to return.

Bloated memory sucking browsers can slow down a computer substantially. When your system is out of RAM it will tend to write additional memory storage to your hard drive. Accessing data on your hard drive is much slower. This can easily bring your entire system to a grinding halt.

Skout Banned Bathroom Selfies And Has A Travel Feature People Love

Skout is an app that is often described as a flirting app and one thing people may not know about the app is that it has banned bathroom selfies, well kind of. What the app has done was banned over-sharing snaps of people flexing their muscles in the mirror or snapping a photo of themselves while they are inside a tub of bubbles and things of that nature.

The PR manager for the company said that Skout was not having any of it, referring to the cliche of people posing with their shirts off and showing their abs off. When users try to show off such photos, they will likely not be approved. However, Skout said if a person is dressed, then it is fine, but shirtless selfies in the restrooms, as well as water closets and powder rooms will likely not be approved.

The app is used by millions of people worldwide, and this is why the company has probably decided to take action against such photos.

Skout also has a travel feature and millions of members who use the app has decided to use it as a way to actually take virtual tours. They do this by using the assistance of those who are located in the region they are interested in seeing. For example, a user from Sweden could take a virtual tour of another European country with the help of locals in the European country that the user is interested in seeing.

Not only do people take virtual tours, but some people have took it a step further and have gone to their place of interest and seen it in real life, and they stay with the locals they connected with via Skout.

Skout is easy to use and millions of people use it, so if you want to learn more about the app, then start using it today. Find more information on Skout here on their Twitter page!