Creating Hope with Dick DeVos

In the American society are groups of people ravaging in abject poverty. Also, there is another category of individuals who swim in wealth that is either inherited or a product of hard work. Dick DeVos is an American businessman, philanthropist, and politician who has not only inherited estates from his father but also had the opportunity to work hard for his fortune. With Dick having been married to Betsy, they have created a beautiful family together. Working hand in hand, Dick, and Betsy have come to realize how equally important children from low-income families are to the American community. Armed to the teeth with his millions, Dick DeVos has made politics, education, health, religion, art, and leadership his focal point when it comes to making personal donations.


Inspired by the abilities of members of the youth, Dick DeVos has contributed largely to the successes of bright children coming from families that cannot afford a decent education by offering periodic scholarships. His good works have also inspired his immediate and extended family to lend a helping hand to the poor. Dick DeVos has gone the extra mile to advocate for policies that positively favor the education system in America. Thanks to Dick’s efforts, he is now able to train and educate young pilots in his West Michigan Aviation Academy. Some of the beneficiaries to Dick’s giving include the Compass College of Cinematic Arts in Grand Rapids, the Dick DeVos’ alma mater Northwood University, the Rehoboth Christian School, the West Michigan Aviation Academy, the Ferris State University, and the Detroit Charter School Company New Urban Learning.


Thanks to Dick and Betsy, children in America can now enjoy learning in institutions within and beyond their zip codes. Dick and Betsy have together contributed more than $139 million in charities that do not necessarily revolve around politics. Through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, Dick has helped improve the standard and quality of education in the United States of America. Together with philanthropic efforts from the extended family, Dick’s lineage has been able to give out more than $1.33 billion in charity. Through constant funding from Dick, many children in America are now able to excel in studies and become highly dependable individuals in future. It is because of Dick DeVos that a once crumbling education system is now gaining momentum and training students in a highly competitive environment. Since the American public has been following Dick’s good deeds with a lot of keenness, he is a man who has attracted favor among the masses. By training and nurturing young talent, Dick DeVos is helping children and teenagers reach their full potential. Therefore, Dick DeVos is one individual who uses his wealth and influence to help people in need so that they too can lead independent lives.

Don Ressler’s Experiences Have Shaped the Brands He is a Part Of

As a business professional, Don Ressler has been able to do many things in both the technology industry and the style industry. He has experience doing both of these things and that has given him a chance to be able to do more with what he has. He used the experience to come up with the ideas for brands like JustFab and Fabletics. This has given him a chance to be even more successful than what he was in the past with the other brands that he was a part of. It made things easy for Don Ressler to make all of the changes that he wanted to.

For Don Ressler, things like JustFab were an opportunity for him to make things better for his own experiences. He did what he could to try new things and to make sure that people would be able to get what they needed when it came to shoes and accessories on LinkedIn. When he saw that JustFab was successful, he wanted to take his ideas to other clothing markets and make sure that he was going to be able to make a difference for the people who were in situations that used each of these things.

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Don Ressler wanted to try new things and decided that using a celebrity endorser would be the best way to make things better for the companies that he was going to start. The Fabletics company was a perfect opportunity for that. Don Ressler chose to use Kate Hudson because she wanted her own brand and because she was a face that people would recognize in different areas around the country and around the world. They teamed up and came up with all of the ideas for fashionable athletic wear. The brand was a result of their collaboration and making things better for everyone.

When Don Ressler realized that the brands were booming, he decided that he was going to create another brand that people could see the brands underneath. This came in the form of TechStyle. Don Ressler decided to call it this because it combined technology and style options. He wanted to show people that they could have both and that they would be able to benefit from all of them. Since Don Ressler wanted to be successful, he also wanted a name that would be reflective of everything that he did for the companies that were underneath the brand.

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Bruce Bent II – Financial Investor for Modern Times

Since the Dow Jones Industrial Index was first founded in 1896, financial investment has been part of the American economy. It allows American citizens to put small amounts of money into larger more prolific investments portfolios, in order to see a much larger return than we would have originally be able to produce through average savings. It is this ability to invest that allows individuals to attain the “American Dream”.

Bruce Bent II, Vice Chairman of Double Rock Corporation, has been a facet in the modern financial investment field since he obtained his Bachelors (B.S.) degree in Philosophy back in 1991 from Northeastern University. It was after he graduated that he began the long road toward helping people and businesses reach their financial goals. In 1991, he began his work at the Double Rock Corporation where today, 26 years later, he serves as CEO, Vice Chairman and President. This corporation specializes in providing financial management solutions as well as technological strategies to assist its business and individual clients with their financial investment portfolios.

In 2013, Mr. Bent also founded B2 Consulting LLC, where he spent time as a consultant for different start-up companies in the healthcare, financial technology, and consumer financing fields. It has been the lifelong goal of Bruce Bent II to assist American businesses with their financial assets utilizing technological advancements.

In addition to his prestigious positions within his corporations, he is also the inventor for over 50 individual patents within his industry. Despite his long list of credentials and high acclaims, he still proliferates classic American beliefs and values. In one interview, he highlights the importance of using one of Americas greatest assets (land) to our own individual advantage. He encourages each American citizen to “rip up your lawn and plant fruits and vegetables, raise chickens, and keep honey bees” so that they can earn money from using their land to its full potential.

With down to earth financial advice for both large corporations as well as individuals, while utilizing technology to its fullest potential, Bruce Bent II is a steadfast champion for the modern American Dream.

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Omar Yunes of Sushi Itto Wins Big At BFW

Omar Yunes is an entrepreneur who sure knows how to run a successful franchise. He is the franchise owner of numerous Sushi Itto outlets in the Mexico. His contribution to the growth of the company has been incredible, with a majority of the profits coming to the brand from the stores that Omar Yunes owns. He started dabbling into the world of business when he was just twenty-one. He has always possessed an entrepreneurial spirit, which is what has motivated him to reach the successful position he is in today. He is considered to be a vital member of the Sushi Itto family and owns almost ten percent of the total Sushi Itto outlets in the country.

Recently, Omar Yunes was awarded for his work and contribution to the field by the Best Franchisees of the World which is an organization that awards people who are successful through the numerous franchises that they own. The competition saw multiple people in business from all around the world, with Omar Yunes being the only one representing the entire country of Mexico. Representatives from all over the world are called in to conduct an analysis of the individuals who are competing, marking them on various factors. The participants are based on the performance of their franchisees alone and not the overall performance of the brand. This is done to ensure that the judges are always looking at only the individual performance, and overlooking the operations of the brand which are conducted without the franchise owner. Seeing as how Omar Yunes was such a vital contributor to the growth of Sushi Itto, he was seen to be a perfect fit for being the recipient of this prestigious award. The awards ceremony was held in Florence and is an event that takes place every year.

Omar Yunes has been instrumental in bringing in numerous reforms to the structure of Sushi Itto. He has incredible standards for all the restaurants, and heavily enforces this on all the employees working there. His restaurants have now become a standard for other Sushi Itto restaurants to look up to and follow.

Going the Extra Mile with James Dondero

James Dondero of Highland Capital Management is one man with an innovative mind. Established in 1993, Mr. Dondero who is also co-founder of the company has been able to take charge of the Corporation as the President. James who is proficient in portfolio management, hedge funds, alternative investments, private equity, fixed income, derivatives, Fund of funds, emerging markets and the like has been able to bring incredible success to the institution. With only a Bachelor of Science degree in Commerce, James has been able to help create a successful brand from the ground up.

In the recent past, Mr. Dondero has shocked Texas residents by bringing back hippos to the Dallas Zoo. It has cost a staggering $14 million to set up the Simmons Hippo Post, a facility that currently stands on a 2.1-acre tract of land. Made from the latest in technology, the Simmons Hippo Post is magnificent due to its glass display system. Thus, visitors will have the opportunity of viewing the hippos’ underwater activities at the sanctuary. The move by James Dondero to bring back hippos to the Dallas Zoo is of epic proportions since this species of animals was last seen at the facility close to two decades ago. Thanks to Mr. Dondero’s financial support, the conservatory can now display the way of life of the savanna herbivore. The Simmons Hippo Post construction has taken place in such a way that it makes it safe for public viewing as well as ensures the safety of the hippos under the residence.

Through Highland Capital Management, James Dondero has been able to contribute some $1 million that is meant to finance the construction of a foot lodge in the facility. Over the years, Dondero has proven to be a true conservationist by financing organizations like the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, the American Heart Association, the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, and the Centre of Brain Health, James has helped revitalize institutions with an element of conservation in them. In so doing, James proves to you and me that he loves wild animals, and he would never wish to see hippos going extinct.

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What Separates Beneful Brand from Other Dog Foods

In order to see the difference between Beneful brand dog food and all the rest, simply watch how your dog behaves before and after they lick their bowl clean. Each bag of Beneful dry food is full of essential vitamins and minerals, but also the things your dog loves. Look how they respond when they see those huge chunks of chicken and colorful accents like blueberries, pumpkin, and spinach.

Looking a little closer at the way the food is produced, each bag that is made at the US-based Purina facility goes through several quality inspection checks. The team at Beneful wet dog food will only feed their own pets the same food, so you know you are getting the best. Wholesome ingredients, farm-raised chicken, grain-free, all the things you would expect in the leader in the pet food industry.

Where you see the biggest difference and benefit however is in how your dog responds. When you are careful about feeding your pet only healthy ingredients, they are more energetic and they live a longer and healthier life. When you only want whats best for your pet, feed them Beneful brand dog food and you know exactly what is going into each and every bag.

Capital Group Chief Executive Officer Tim Armour

Timothy D Armour is the current chairman of Capital Group and principal executive officer of the Capital Research and Management. He has a vast experience in equity management, and it is confirmed by his 32-year experience in investment at Capital group.Tim Armour has a bachelor’s degree in economics that he got from Middlebury College, and his firm is located in Los Angeles.

He has made several schools of thoughts on many business topics. After strict scrutiny of the market, he comes up with a defined conclusion in the various contexts of other businesspeople. He says that the 1 million dollar charity Warren Buffet wagered could give him profits in an S and P passive index fund. Warren Buffet tried to avoid expensive funds giving investors drawbacks.

Tim Armour supports the action of lowering costs as done by Buffet which if held for extended will help in teaching the Americans the need to save money when they retire. They are supposed to invest and spend even more so as to stabilize and enjoy life when they retire.

Tim does not agree on some of Warren’s opinions and ideas. He says that a lot of mutual funds of investment will give impractical and poor returns after a long time of investing. A lot of money that is pumped into an organization is used in the management of the company and excessive trading. Risks involved are too many, and at the end, the opportunity costs are underrated and unknown. It is about long-term investments returns that will at the end make the investor incur a low-cost input.

In addition to all that, passive index returns is not a good way to get a good retirement deal. In these investments, the people giving finances investing are risking complete volatility that will give losses in the market downturns. Investors need to consider giving money to the best and active funds from the American Funds that will make them gain more wealth with surety.

Good deals are made by wisely contributing to funds. Small expenses and high manager ownership give good returns as long as the managers are also interested in the business, there will be consistently outpaced benchmarks in the long run.

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Tony Petrello – Stories

In the early 2000s, Anglo Energy had traded its name for Nabors Industries Ltd. and began trading on the AMEX, under NBR, until it moved to the New York Stock Exchange. Eugene M. Isenberg became served as Chairman of the Board and CEO of Nabors in its 1987 reorganization. From 1969 to 1982, Isenberg was Chairman and Principal Shareholder of Genimar, Inc., a renowned steel trading and building product manufacturing company – until the company was sold in 1982.

In the early ’90s, Nabors Industries survived a post-bankruptcy financing issue through diluting shareholder value as an eight-fold increase in common shares remained outstanding. Consequently, the company kept all debts under control, at less than $60 million throughout the mid-1990s. This company performed well throughout the 1990-1991 recession and earned approximately $23-$37 million. On October 1991, Tony Petrello was brought onboard and became the Deputy Chairman, President and CEO of Nabors Industries. He was previously the Managing Partner for Baker & McKenzie.

In 1992, earnings growth trends continued well for Nabors, at $44 million. By the year’s end, penny stocks had risen ten-fold from their 1987 low. Under Petrello, the newly revived company was added to an S&P Midcap 400 Index. In 1994, the economy had slowed through a soft landing as Nabors Industries earnings also challenged Petrello in only marginalizing profits of less than $1 million. Stock prices floundered that year to 30 percent less than an earlier 1993 high.

By 1995, Petrello ensured that all earnings were fully recovered to a near $49 million. Nabors Industries continued issuing shares at its steady pace, but stock prices doubled that year. By 1996, stock prices rose 50 percent; at that time, though, Nabors continued to trade under 50 percent of its 1970s all-time high price through its predecessor.These positive trends, within both the company and for the greater stock market as a whole, continued well throughout the rest of the decade. Petrello now holds an estimated total annual compensation of $1,575,000 with restricted stock of $10,808,769 and summarized optional values of $11,120,728. His total calculated compensation is also $15,372,429.

Cassio Audi And The Viper Band

Cassio Audi was a member of a group called Viper which started in 1985. The founders of the Viper band were:
• Cassio Audi who was the drummer
• Andre Matos was the vocalist
• Pit Passarrel was the bassist
• Yves Passarrel was the guitarists together with Filipe Machado.

In 1985 Viper band recorded their first demo cd entitled “The killera Sword.” At that time the band’s age was an average of 16 year-olds. The Demo became a success in Brazil, and they signed with a label known as Rock Brigade, which helped them release their first album.

Soldiers of Sunrise released in 1987 was their second album which featured their first composition called “Law of the Sword.” The album became one of the most worshiped Brazilian heavy metal albums and sold ten thousand copies in Brazil.

Viper was nicknamed the Brazilian Iron Maiden because of the success of the album. The band was then invited to be the opening-act for Motörhead held in Brazil. The group received recognition from the following music magazines:
• Metal Forces
• Metal Hammer
• Kerrang

In 1989, Viper released their second album titled “Theatre of Fate.” The album production was done in Brazil but mixed in London. The mixture of classic and heavy metal songs made this album famous, so they signed with Limb Music Products and Publishing. Their songs gained a lot of fans right from the beginning and released in USA, Europe, and 11 countries in the Eastern Countries, which included Japan.

Audi experience as a drummer was seen through the band’s first three albums which received a positive response and had huge success. After four years with the Viper, Audi left the band in 1989 and joined the business school at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo; started his career in the financial markets.

Cassio Audi played in famous cities across the world; this gave him a great opportunity of touring and exploring different parts of the world.

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State Theatre Partnered with Boraie Development To Reward Movie Lovers Throughout the Summer of 2016

The summer of 2016 will be a different one for movie lovers. The State Theatre announced that it would bring back the Free Summer Movie Series. This is according to a publication by New Jersey Stage. Various popular movies will feature at different dates till the end of the summer. Some of the featured movies include Frozen (featured on 12th July) and Monsters University (9th August). The initiative attracted two major sponsors including Provident Bank Foundation and Boraie Development.

The movies will be shown from 10:30 in the morning to 7 pm. The good news is that the tickets for the six movies are free. This will provide an opportunity for the young generation, families, and anyone living within State Theatre to enjoy their favorite movies. The theatre has been one of New Jersey’s most prestigious venues for live performance for many years.

Hiam Boraie is the vice president of Boraie Development. He praised the initiative and said that it was the best way to give back to the society during the announcement. He mentioned that they were proud to be part of the initiative. The Provident Bank Foundation lauded the initiative through its executive director. The foundation believes that the initiative is the right way to bring together families of diverse backgrounds to interact and enjoy theater experience.

The Series organizers have a lot in store for the movie lovers in New Jersey. They will have a rare opportunity to enjoy the state of art movie experience presented by the State Theatre. Movies will be projected in HD digital. This includes a Barco projector, 46-inch Stewart film screen, and digital surrounding. The movie lovers will experience a Hollywood-like experience with an 1850-seat theater. They can view the movie from the balcony or downstairs. You can visit Bloomberg to know more.

Boraie Development

According to NY Times, Boraie Development, LLC is a real estate firm specializing in property management, real estate development, and marketing. The company has a history of developing spectacular properties in various parts of the nation. Boraie Development has developed relationships with the strongest financial organizations, professional contractors, and a creative team of architects to achieve this.

The organization is led by Sam Boraie. He is a warmhearted 73-year-old gentleman. He has a big team of professionals dedicated to serving its growing clientele. He recently shared his vision for New Brunswick. Many pessimists doubt his dream of rebuilding News Brunswick. Omar is steadfast in making it a developed city.


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