Apps for Earning

There are plenty of different types of apps for the iPhone. However, some of the best apps out there are apps that one can actually earn on. Finding apps that give out rewards is one of the best thing the user could do for himself. In this case, he treats his iPhone as an investment. When he downloads the right apps, he can turn his iPhone into a reward machine. There are plenty of different types of rewards that apps could give out. It is important for one to know what he is looking for when he is browsing the iTunes store.

The common type of reward that apps give out is money. There are apps that pay the user to use it in the way that it desires. Some apps connect users to a network in which they could do certain jobs and make a lot of money. The second common way that apps reward the user is by points. For most apps, points can be exchanged for gift cards, products, and many other items. Some apps allow one to exchange points for cash. Then there are apps that allow one to use the points that they earn or buy for activities on the site.

One type of app that does that is Skout. Skout is known for having a point system which allows the user to take part in activities as it depends on the amount of points in his account. It goes without saying that the more points the user has, the more activities he will be able to participate in. Some activities even cost more than others. Fortunately, points are easy to obtain for the user. All he has to do is to actually participate in the Skout app on skoutshop and the service.

As with other types of rewarding opportunities, each app has to be reviewed so that one could know whether the app is a legitimate app or a scam. Reviews on the site could give one the idea. It is very important that one compare the dates on the reviews. For instance, if the good reviews on the site are older than the bad reviews, that could be a sign that the app program has mad e a change for the worse. It is also important to know what types of activities one could do in order to earn money. Different types of apps reward users for different types of activities. Once one finds the iPhone app that rewards the user for the activities that he can take part in, then he should go ahead and download the app.

What to do when your dog reacts negatively to dog food

Not all dog foods are right for all dogs. Some dogs are allergic or sensitive to ingredients in certain brands of flavors of dog food. Others have genetic deficiencies caused by interbreeding whose conditions spike as a result of the composition of the dog food. Remember that regardless of the best intention of the dog food brands, dogs evolved to eat wild game and any dog food is not truly in line with their dietary needs. Sometimes the problem is with the brand of dog food, the type of food given to them, or the quantity of dog food that they eat. The problem can sometimes be with the quality of the dog food as well, or the freshness of it. Dog food does not have an infinite life after all.

If you are sensing that your dog is reacting negatively to a dog food then you need to pay attention to the facts and take immediate action. There are many signs that a dog food may not be the right one for your dog. If you see your dog vomit or have unusual stool activity it can be a sign that your dog is not reacting well to a particular type of dog food. Further, if your dog is droopy eyed and sleeps unusual hours it can be another sign that your dog is not getting the proper nutrition. Monitor your pet for unusual activity and take the following steps if your dog is reacting negatively.

Visit your veterinarian immediately and see what recommendations that they may have for your dog. They can perform tests and often quickly use their experience and expertise to get to the bottom of the problem. Problems vary so much and the issue you are facing may be completely unrelated or may be due to an ingredient in the dog food that your dog is exposed to.

Next, consider switching the brand of dog food that your dog is eating. Many new organic and all natural dog foods are coming into the market. While some people prefer these foods there are many concerns regarding these brands. Many sit on the shelf for longer than they should and many don’t have the history that some of the more established brands have.

We recommend using one of the tried and true dog food brands like Nestle Purina’s Beneful brand which is the bestselling dog food in the United States. Beneful is healthy, nutritious, and because it is the bestselling brands out there, the food turns over quickly and you can be pretty well assured that Beneful food is fresh and of high quality. Further, it has been formulated to work with the vast number of dogs out there and therefore is unlikely to cause allergy problems in many dogs. Start with Beneful and if your dog is still having problems then visit your vet.

Finally, be sure to observe your dog after any change in food or behavior to see how they react to these problems and any additional issues that arise. Keeping your dog happy and healthy is an ongoing process and constant supervision is needed.

I Love FreedomPop’s Unlimited Wi-Fi Hotspot Application

I’m an avid user of Wi-Fi service, and I connect all of my mobile devices to Wi-Fi. The biggest thing I use Wi-Fi for is my cell phone because I don’t have an unlimited data plan. I have a big cell phone, and I like to stream movies from Netflix, so I have to have a high-speed Internet connection. Unfortunately, the only Wi-Fi I have access to is in a public place, and I know that these types of Wi-Fi connections are not safe. I had an incident a few weeks ago where I started noticing that my applications were not where they were supposed to be on my phone.

I checked the Internet on Freedom on reviews to see what would cause applications to move around, and one of the suggestions was that somebody hacked my phone. I was terrified by what I read, and I deleted my connection with the Wi-Fi service, and I chose not to use free Wi-Fi anymore. I was told that the only good Wi-Fi service is one that has a secure connection, but I can’t afford to pay what it would cost to have my own hotspot. Hotspots are costly in themselves, and then I would have to pay for the service each month.

I can’t even use the Wi-Fi at work because it’s specifically for work purposes only, and they track all the activity on the Wi-Fi service. If you think I’m kidding, I’ll give a quick story. I tried to use Wi-Fi on my cell phone at work, and a message popped up on my screen that said I was misusing the Wi-Fi service, and I could lose my job for it. Trust me when I say I never went back on the Wi-Fi at my job again. I decided to check the Internet to see how I could get Wi-Fi service that was safe, secure, and low in cost.

I couldn’t believe it when I came to find FreedomPop’s Wi-Fi Internet service, especially since it’s only five dollars a month. The service allows a person to access Wi-Fi hotspots for only five dollars a month, and I can use the service as many times as I want. I wasted no time in signing up for the service, and I connected my cell phone to a FreedomPop hotspot right next to my job. The hotspot was so close that I could stand outside to use it, and I’ve been happy with my Wi-Fi service ever since. Although many wireless companies these days are allowing their customers to access Wi-Fi hotspots when they are on the go, they may charge extra for the Wi-Fi service, so FreedomPop’s Wi-Fi service is very valuable.

From Badoo to Zoosk: 5 Popular Dating Apps

People use their smartphones to download music, pay bills and post to their social networks. Many also use their phones to meet people, make friends and find their soul mates. In recent years, several mobile apps have come out of the woodwork to dominate the dating scene like Skout. Here are five of the most popular ones, listed alphabetically.

1. Badoo

Badoo is a dating and social network created by Andrey Andreev in 2006. The Russian entrepreneur launched the website to introduce people with mutual interests. Badoo raised $30 million dollars during its first year. Today, it receives over 118 million visits per month.

Badoo operates in 180 countries, with headquarters in London. It operates on a freemium model — the basic service is free, but users pay for premium features. Smartphone users can download a free mobile app for iOS and Android platforms.

2. Grindr

Grindr is a geosocial networking app that runs on iOS and Android platforms. It is geared for homosexual, bisexual and bi-curious men. Near Buddy Finder launched the service in 2009 as an initial release. A stable release came in 2014.

Although Grindr is based in the United States, founder Joel Simkhai reports worldwide activity. Available in 192 countries, it’s the largest and most popular gay mobile community in the world. Users can find free and subscription versions on their smartphones.

3. Skout

Skout is a social network and dating service. Founded in 2007, it was one of the first people discovery tools to emphasize user location. More than 500 million connections were made through the mobile app in 2013. The mobile version is available for iOS and Android users.

Christian Wiklund and Niklas Lindstrom designed Skout as a social network. They relaunched it as a dating app after 80 percent of their members used it as a dating platform. According to the tagline, Skout is “the world’s largest network for meeting new people.” It reached 10 million members in 2015.

4. Tinder

Tinder is a location-based social discovery application for iOS and Android users. The popular dating app features swipes, chats and Instagram integration. Users can find free and subscription-based services in about 30 languages.

Sean Rad, Jonathan Badeen, and Justin Mateen founded Tinder in 2012 as “a chance to meet people you wouldn’t normally meet.” The app was seeded at several colleges and expanded to other campuses. Today, it is one of the top five utilized services on the web.

5. Zoosk

Zoosk is an online dating service for iOS and Android platforms. It uses big data and algorithms to help users find partners. Shayan Zadeh and Alex Mehr founded the company in 2007 and established the headquarters in San Francisco, California. Today, it serves 80 countries in 25 languages.

Zoosk uses popularity rankings and game design elements to encourage participation. A verification service requires video selfies to verify the accuracy of profile photos. With more than 22 million visits per month, Zoosk is one of the top-rated dating services.

Visual Search Technology Paves The Way For An Enhanced Shopping Experience

Innovative online company, Slyce, is in the game to provide
unprecedented visual search services to today’s modern consumer. Since
their inception in 2013, this corporation has
successfully presented a diverse group of individuals with
user-friendly shopping platforms. Moreover, Slyce’s visual search extensive
selection of product recognition applications has led to highly
satisfied customers who have helped expand the company to new levels
of productivity and prosperity. Furthermore, with experienced
executives managing the corporation, Slyce continues to guide
individuals during their digital shopping journey.

During their endeavors at a business consulting firm,
Slyce founders, Cameron Chell and Erika Racicot joined forces in order
to compete in the visual search technology industry. After thorough
research, these owners sought to bridge the gap
between physical awareness and online transactions. Slyce’s aspiring
rise to success is commendable, but with great innovations there is
also an educational curve. Notably, Chell and Racicot worked together
to launch a proprietary platform on which anyone can order a desired
item though a mobile application or website.

The need for an enhanced shopping experience is flourishing and Slyce
strive to adhere to this demand by presenting accessible purchasing
platforms. When ordering a product, users must first upload a picture
of the item into the company’s snap-to-buy application. Afterwards,
the object is identified, the patron is directed to the retailer’s
website to complete the online transaction. In addition, customers may
also utilize the Visual Relevancy Engine which evaluates the
attributes of a product against competitor objects on the market.
Lastly, Slyce maintains a service dedicated to identifying products
from photos posted on a variety of social media sites.

Many consumers who enjoy Slyce’s services often refer to
this company as the “shazam for shopping.” Because the corporation
offers a few product recognition tools, individuals have the
opportunity to evaluate competitor products before completing the
online purchase. Moreover, most patrons expect to employ Slyce’s
visual search technology services for all of their shopping
adventures. Undeniably, many customers enjoy the perks of the
company’s product recognition offerings as the platform facilitates an
enhanced purchasing experience.

The demand for a unique digital shopping experience is enormous and
Slyce is well-equipped to satisfy the needs of today’s
consumer. With ample practices, individuals are gradually gaining
confidence in purchasing a desired item through digital platforms.
Most prominently, these individuals greatly appreciate the convenience
of simple and fast shopping.

What is Product Recognition Software

There’s a new technology on the rise that is going to forever change online marketing. Visual search engines are a new form of software that is capable of using images that users put into it to bring up relevant results of similar images. This is useful for businesses that want to market their products online. Through the use of product images, visual search engines can use their product recognition software to point users to your store.

Why Is This Important?

It’s difficult to find a specific product when you don’t have much information on it. For example, if a woman sees a cute pair of shoes someone else is wearing how are they going to find the place to buy those shoes? Instead of writing out a rough description into a search engine and hoping to get lucky, they can snap a quick picture and upload it into their visual search engine and find several stores that sell those shoes. You will want your ecommerce store to be one of those results. With the rise of Smartphones you can expect this technology to skyrocket in usage.

How To Prepare for Product Recognition Software

In order to prepare for product recognition software your ecommerce store should start creating as many product images as possible. Not only do your images need to display your product, but they should show it from different angles and colors so that the images taken by visual search engine users can be similar to your own. A simple way to do this is to create an easy “hover gallery” next to the main image of your products so that users can see the product from different angles while also marketing for visual searches.

Am I Ready?

It can be hard to tell which of your images are going to be effective and what images are just for the buyer to look at. You can do an easy search using the Smartphone app Slyce. This is one of the leading search engines that specializes in product recognition software. You can put in images similar to your products and see what comes up. Slyce will display the top results and if you aren’t seeing your products up there then you can adjust your images. It’s useful to take pictures of images from various angles and in each color option so that no matter how the photo is taken your result will pop up.

The Changes in Mobile Wireless Services

The world of smart devices and mobile phones is constantly changing. There are a ton of people that are interested in data plans because they are engaging in social media. Phones are not used as much for the sake of calling anymore so the mobile phone plans are changing. This is a concern for a lot of people that are getting all types of high bills for data plans. Most people that have cell phone services are noticing that the major data carriers are competing with one another in a major way. Carriers are proposing plans to cut bills in half in order to lure customers. It is a very competitive business of FreedomPop.

Mobile wireless service has become a big deal primarily because there are so many people that are streaming their music and downloading podcasts and movies. People are uploading to the cloud and downloading from the cloud. This makes it difficult for many people to even imagine living without a cell phone. That is what makes the mobile wireless service plans so valuable. Many people have been able to justify paying the amounts that they pay for the phones because so many people are on the go. They have mobile devices that they use to communicate with more than they use desktops. This is why so many people have been glad to discover FreedomPop.

The thing that has made FreedomPop such a cutting edge service is the fact that this service is free. There just are not a lot of companies that can offer free services. Somehow it has become a service that spread from a few states to the majority of the states in the U.S. fairly quickly. The service isn’t unlimited in concerns to data, but it has managed to be enough for most people that want to do the basic things. All that they have to be responsible for is the phone. Most people are fine with this if they have the ability to engage in unlimited texting. That is what FreedomPop offers and a large majority of consumers have switched in order to save money.

Many people that are on a budget will really need to consider this plan. It is one of those plans that have become valuable to the massages that are in search of a plan if they are on a budget. Mobile wireless service from FreedomPop may be the best possible plan for those that are trying to see their cell phone bills shrink. So many people are happy to just pay for the hardware with FreedomPop if it means that they are able to get the service for their wireless free. Many people are still amazed that this service is free, but millions of people have already signed up.

Free Internet access is becoming very popular in retail stores, malls and restaurants. It has changed a lot over the years because the free service is something that lures customers. It allows people to use less of their data plan and utilize the free service while they are shopping or eating. A lot of people switch carriers all the time as they search for ways to lower their bills. The best way to minimize costs at this point has to be the switch to FreedomPop. Nothing else out there beats free.

Click here to download the free app available on Google Play.

Coming Up With A Business Idea

Building a business has always been something most people want to do who want to become financially free. Finding a business idea is not always easy. Starting from scratch can really be tough for most people. There are some people who tend to fail in terms of coming up with a business that can help them make more money. As a businessman myself, I can tell you that the hardest part of building a business is just getting started.

Coming Up With A Business Idea

– Find Something You Resonate With

You want to get started by simply finding a market or industry that you believe is what you personally enjoy. Not all things that can make you money will interest you. Find something you resonate with. Write down a list of businesses that you find interesting and really can be something you are comfortable focusing on. For example, for those who want to start a website, the hardest part is writing about things that you don’t personally like. Being naturally interested in the topic is so important for business.

– Find A Problem And Solve It

To get on the right path, find a problem and solve it. Is there something in your daily life that you struggle with at the moment? Are you struggling at the moment with anything that you feel you could provide a solution for? There are some people who will pay good money for any kind of solution that you provide for them. It’s all about finding the solution and making it reality. It’s not going to be an overnight process, but there’s gotta be a problem you can solve in the world. It doesn’t even have to be a traditional business product. If there’s a market for it, you can sell something to that market.

Shaygan Kheradpir is a businessman who has proven that with hard work and patience, there is a good money and opportunities to be achieved with the right resources. He received his bachelors, masters, and Ph.D from the Cornell University in electrical engineering. He has built mission driven teams and business ideas that have innovated the world of business. He is now the CEO of Juniper Networks that is in the networking industry.

Power Of Networking

In this world, you never know who you are talking to. If you have a business goal, you need to get yourself out there and talk to people. Join a Chamber Of Commerce in your area, speak to people, and network. The Internet is a great source for learning about the business. You never know who you may end up meeting in the world. Each person you meet could lead you down the next step to creating your business.

Just like Shaygan, getting the right education can go a long way for achieving success in any business. Of course, there are people who didn’t go to college who still succeeded. It’s all about making sure that you listen to your gut, work hard, and go after a business that you feel will work best for you.

There Are Many Ways To Find Love On The Skout Network

Anyone who is considering dating online should try the Skout network. The Skout network is not just a network that allows people to talk to one another, but the network is also great for those who are looking for dates. Although there are a lot of online dating websites out there today, Skout is somewhat different. The Skout network has millions of users, and a lot of them are looking to date people that interest them. A good thing about the Skout network when it comes to dating is the fact that one is not limited to the area they live in.

If a person wants to look for someone in a completely different country to date, then they can feel free to do so. The dating process on Skout is fairly easy, all one has to do is conduct a search on the type of person they are looking for. The search engine on Skout is pretty easy to use, and one can put in features they are looking for in a person. Another great feature about the search engine is the fact that it allows one to determine where a person is located. As long as a person has their location information on, then another person can find out where in the world they are.

It is possible to make a location private, so it may make it a bit difficult for those who are looking for people from a certain area. If the location of a person doesn’t matter, then one can always contact a person based on other features. Maybe they are looking for someone who is around a certain age, and this type of search criteria is available on Skout. No matter what type of search a person conducts to find another person to date, it’s likely they will be successful at finding a date on the Skout network.

Skout boasts over 220 million users, and every day the network has 50,000 more people joining in the fun. With numbers like that it’s highly unlikely that a person will leave the network without finding a date. Dating on the Skout network can be a lot of fun as well because Skout has ways that each person can court each other online. Not only can a person send pictures to others, but they can send messages, and they can also send greetings to one another. It’s best to choose the Skout network for online dating.

Even if a person is not looking to date on the Skout network they still can have a lot of fun. Skout offers other forms of fun like the Skout Travel feature, which allows people to virtually travel. People are also allowed to feature themselves on the network, and this feature can bring a lot of attention to anyone who craves it. Skout is also a great place to rant and rave, and a person can share their personal opinions with others on the Skout network.

FreedomPop is the Answer You Have Been Waiting For

Are you tired of paying outrageous prices for phone and high-speed internet service? Have you ever wished that there was a cheaper alternative to mainstream providers that offers what some mainstream providers advertise but don’t provide reliability and excellent customer support? Well, today is your day because there is an alternative that can provide those things and offer them at a low rate or even better yet free. The answer is FreedomPop.

A Little About FreedomPop and What They Provide
FreedomPop began as a small startup company in Los Angeles California in 2012. They are giving mainstream service providers a run for their money. They are doing so by offering an entirely free phone and data service to it’s users. The package includes 500 text messages, 200 voice minutes and 500mbps of data. They offer additional minutes at a rate of 1 cent per minute and additional data at a rate of 2 cents per megabyte. For a heavy phone, data or text messaging users they also offer an unlimited phone and data package for twenty dollars a month. It is through sales of additional services that FreedomPop can make a profit and strive as a company. On average FreedomPop sees an intake of about $7.25 in services a month per subscriber. That is a very small fraction in comparison to the $40 + that customers pay with mainstream providers.

Where FreedomPop Has Been and Where They Are Headed
FreedomPop hopes to extend the amount of data offered to 800mbps free per month, and eventually they anticipate allowing 1gb of data a month for free subscribers. FreedomPop has already raised over 40 million dollars in funding for their company. They expect to reach one million subscribers by the third quarter of this fiscal year. They started providing service in California and expanded across the United States and United Kingdom. They are hoping to expand their services in these countries and expand further into Latin America as well.