Philanthropist Bruce Levenson Continues Work at TechTarget in 2015

Bruce Levenson is a force to be reckoned with in the world of sports. As the former owner of the Atlanta Hawks, he’s had his share of experience with professional sports. Known best for his business acumen, his deep involvement with the NBA, and his philanthropy and charity work, Levenson also serves on the NBA Board of Governors since being inducted into the organization in 2004. In 1977, he co-founded United Communications group, a business specializing in white papers, news alerts, and data management for the government, healthcare, and technology, banking, and software industries. Mr. Levenson remains a crucial player and a member of the Board of Directors for TechTarget, based in the information technology industry.

Levenson is lauded for his financial investments in the U.S. Holocaust Museum, where he has worked to spread awareness of the Holocaust within youth populations and combat anti-Semitism. Bruce Levenson according to website takes an active role in the operation of the Museum by teaching inner city youth essential skills and training them to serve as tour guides. Levenson feels a deep connection to the Holocaust, as his mother-in-law is a Holocaust survivor, and Levenson himself is of Jewish lineage. He is involved in a number of Jewish charitable organizations and works to improve Israeli-American relations alongside the Jewish Federation and Birthright Israel.

Working closely with his wife, Levenson plays a crucial role in the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership, where he has provided seed funding since 2010. The organization teaches students effective ways to run their own nonprofit organizations and spreads awareness for charitable activities at the University of Maryland.

As a Washington University in St. Louis and American University alumnus, Bruce Levenson attended law school at night in order to pursue a prosperous journalism career at the Washington Star, which he says taught him essential skills that he has continued to use throughout his life.

All eyes are on Levenson in 2015 as he continues to bring his exceptional knowledge in journalism, business, communications, professional sports, and investment to the table. Currently, Levenson has plans to continue work on the Board of Directors for TechTarget to improve the company’s profit margins and performance on the stock exchange (NASDAQ:TTGT). TechTarget was originally founded in 1999 by Dawn Hawk and Greg Strakosch as a spin-off of UCG, a company which Levenson intimately involved himself with in the past. Based in Newton, Massachustts, TechTarget works diligently to improve their data analytics packages for a wide variety of industries looking for enterprise-class market research.

Darius Fisher, CEO of Status Labs, Talks Reputation

In the age of the internet, where information is King, it seems like there is no better way to build your career or destroy it than by not managing how your reputation is controlled. The internet will take information and keep it there forever so it becomes of the utmost importance that you carefully maintain how you are presented to web surfing people. Your information could be accessed by friends, families, potential dates, or even a potential boss during an interview. The importance of this reputation management is not lost on Darius Fisher, the president of Status Labs. Fisher will be taking his time to speak at Impact15, a conference in Nevada that will be taking place from September 23rd to the 25th.

Fisher has been running Status Labs out of his primary office in New York but they have headquarters in Sao Paolo and Austin, Texas as well. The reputation management company has been in the news lately thanks to their attempt to help out those afflicted by the Ashley Madison hack for free, offering crisis consultations to the victims of the hack. With Fisher at the helm, Status Labs has pulled in over 1,500 clients in 35 different countries. His clientele range from famous athletes to Fortune 500 companies looking to get a leg up on their internet brand. So with his depth of knowledge clearly on display, those in the audience will definitely be primed to learn something from the man.

Fisher told reporters that he was “excited to speak on the topic of online reputation management” and he went on to thank Impact15 for having him. Fisher called the speaking arrangement an “opportunity to collaborate and develop strategies that will push brands to the next level”. Fisher also went on to prop up his own company, Status Labs, by pointing out how search results can majorly effect your bottom line. He spoke briefly on maintaining your “digital footprint” while “cultivating your online presence”.

Impact15 will primarily serve as a networking event that puts business professionals in one place as they seek to expand their brands. The expo will also have the latest tools and trends on hand and ready to be developed by new potential companies. Impact15 will also lay claim to having Victor Cho, CEO of EVITE, as well as Joe Demike, Head of Customer Experience Lab at Google, as other attendees to the event.

I Opened My Own Shelter And I Only Feed The Dogs There Beneful

I always felt like dog shelters were prisons for animals, and I never believed in putting dogs there. I knew that I couldn’t possibly take care of every dog on that I found in a shelter, but I certainly tried. I would go to a dog shelter every month and pick out a dog, and I got to the point where I had too many dogs on my property. Although each dog had their own kennel, every dog had a lot of food, and each dog has regularly been exercising, I was told by the county that I had too many dogs.

The county came and checked out the property where I kept my dogs, and they found no violations, other than the fact that I had too many dogs. I was told that I could have five dogs maximum, which I thought was ridiculous. I asked if there was a way that I could keep more dogs than that, and I was told that if I turned my place into a dog shelter, then I could keep as many dogs as necessary. I thought it was ironic that the same shelter I took dogs from would be the same shelter I turned my home into.

I didn’t want to give away any of my dogs, and I had 15 dogs total. I’m very well off, and I have a lot of land around my home, and I knew I could afford to house as many dogs as possible. I knew that what I wanted to do would be a big task, so I decided to get the money together to build a place on my land for the dogs. I went through all the necessary paperwork and legal steps to get my own business of opening a dog shelter. I knew having the shelter was going to cost a lot of money, but I had a plan on how to offset the cost.

It didn’t take me very long to get the shelter built, and I built it quickly because I didn’t want my dogs taken away in the meantime. I started advertising and letting people know that I had a shelter that was good for any dog, and many people would even come in and tour the shelter. I was even taking in dogs that had gotten too old, and maybe the owner was tired of caring for them. I care for each dog by feeding them Beneful each day as well as giving them daily exercise.

Exercise is very important for dogs, but feeding each one Beneful is something that helps to keep them healthy. I have some dogs that I get that haven’t eaten in a long time, and one dog, in particular, was near death from starvation. After feeding the dog Beneful for over a month, the dog finally began to put weight back on, and the dog is now healthy. I love my dogs; I love the shelter I’ve created for them, and I love caring for my dogs by feeding them Beneful.

AnastasiaDate Takes Romance International

AnastasiaDate is a specialized dating company that was founded in 1993. Its founder was a Russian woman who was inspired by her own story of moving to the United States and marrying an American. She chose the name because of the mystique attached to Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna, who was killed along with the rest of her family in 1918 but was long rumored to have survived. Many stories of her escape involved her making a new life for herself in America.

The founder realized that there were many beautiful single women in Russia who would love to live in America and many American men who would love a gorgeous foreign wife. Hence, she began to arrange tours for American men to meet available women in Russia. From that initial business model sprang the dating site, which currently has four portals; in addition to AnastasiaDate, there is AmoLatina, AfricaBeauties and AsianBeauties.

What makes the company unusual is that its primary focus is on helping people meet romantic partners from other countries. While close proximity is assumed to be a plus in most dating sites and matches are often geographically-based, members of AnastasiaDate and its sister sites sign up with the intention of making a cross-cultural connection. The site has tips on how to bridge the gaps and to make travel more affordable until one person decides to take the leap and relocate to another country.

Among the four sites, the active membership encompasses more than four million members in 110 countries. Three continents also have regularly scheduled activities so that members can meet in a group setting rather than one-on-one. The concept really seems to have struck a chord with a lot of people, especially in this day and age where the world keeps getting smaller thanks to the advances in technology.

The site continues to grow, adding new members and implementing new features as the success stories pile up. Future goals include creating a better chat system and more ways for members to engage with the site via mobile apps. The more people from disparate parts of the world get to know and understand each other, the more the barriers between cultures will begin to break down. Hence, not only is this site a great way to meet a husband or wife, it also, in some small measure, can help to foster world peace.

The World of Economists

Economists gather all of the financial data of governmental, social, and business sectors, study them, analyze them, and thus form an opinion about the future of the financial climate. Their research goes beyond the study of paperwork. It includes conducting surveys and interviewing persons in the know. When a full analysis is achieved, the economist prepares a full report with all the applicable charts and tables. Girded with these reports and their knowledge, they are fully able to financially advise businesses, the government, and/or individuals.

Because of this research, economists often have influence in the educational field. This educational influence will depend upon the individual economist’s area of expertise. Some economists even do stints as full time professors at universities. Christian Broda is a great example of one of the world’s best economists becoming a professor of economics. In 1997, Broda graduated from the Universidad de San Andres. He went on to attain an M.A and Ph.D. in economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2010. He made a lasting mark on thousands of young economists during his years as professor of economics at the University of Chicago. Although he has moved on to other economist-related areas, his educational legacy will continue to affect the economist community for years to come. He has definitely given all future economists an example for the greatness they should mimic. It is recommended that if an economist wants to be great at what he or she does, he or she should choose one or two areas of expertise so as not to wear oneself too thin. Partly to this end, most economists will commit to do so. In their area of expertise, economists will not stop at studying current data. They will also study the economic data history of their subject.

Currently, half of all economists have elected to work for the federal, state, or local government and therefore specialize in the overall U.S. government. A large section of economists work as financial advisors for corporations and various international organizations. They will make recommendations that will help the company make the most profits or the organization utilize its money to maximum efficiency.
Many economists don’t necessarily specialize in a certain sector but rather do specialize in a certain function of the economist work. These function are often to assist those economists who do specialize in these social sectors. These functional economists have certain titles based on their primary function. There are econometricians who develop models and mathematical algorithms for financial analysis.

There are financial economists who use these created tools to do the financial analyses. There are industrial organization economists who study antitrust laws and industry organization and competition. International economists analyze international trade, financial markets, and exchange rates. Labor economists study finances as they specifically relate to the employee sector. Macroeconomists study the economy as a whole while microeconomists study the economy of specific individuals, companies, or organizations. Public finance economists study the economy as it directly touches on governmental workings and decision.

Hurricane Evacuation Tips By Plymouth Rock Assurance

A study conducted by Plymouth Rock Assurance try to assess the reaction of people with regard to evacuation orders on oncoming hurricanes. Based on an article published by Accuweather, the decision to evacuate tend to be easy for some and difficult for other. Plymouth Rock Assurance being a leader in insurance has offered crucial advice on how to prepare for a possible hurricane as well as protect their property.

James Stone is the founder and CEO of Plymouth Rock Assurance. He was a consultant in the insurance industry when he was a lecturer at Harvard. He holds high qualification in insurance and has been admitted to the Casualty Actuarial Society having completed six examinations. The company has dealt with several hurricanes in previous years with more than one billion dollars in polices. It is through their experience of hurricanes that has positioned the company as leader in advice on hurricane preparedness.

Plymouth Rock Assurance have given important tips on preparation for hurricane evacuation. First they advise that people should have family emergency plan. The plan should have details on how to get the home ready for evacuation such as evacuation route. Another tip on hurricane evacuation preparedness is quality vehicle for evacuation. The car should also be on a safe location from the storm. Plymouth Rock Assurance who hosted the survey advice that it is very crucial to have an emergency kit for a possible hurricane. The kit should have things such as maps, a first aid kit and a flashlight which are necessary in case the family gets stranded.

Preparation for hurricane is very crucial. Plymouth Rock Assurance has therefore committed itself to looking after its customer and has become a leader in information on hurricane preparedness.

Finding The Best Online Cleaning Help

As we wind our way through the 21st century, going online to find home cleaning help is looking like a better and better option. Surprisingly, although it has been possible to find staff on the Internet for years, it hasn’t always made sense because many sites are set up to either have everyone contact you, or allow all registered users to bid on your contract. The net result for people that want to hire contractors is a lot more overhead in the form of time spent trying to filter the respondents.

And then when you do think you’ve found the right match, it doesn’t necessarily end up being what you thought it would be because there really aren’t too many checks and balances on sites that feature a multitude of applicants.

Concierged Cleaning Services Come Of Age

Fortunately, like many other traditional industries, those who offer cleaning services online are moving to a model that allows them to provide you with a simple-to-use mobile application that contains contractors who have been rigorously checked before they allow them to participate in offering their services to people who have that application.

The difference is night and day for many users. Instead of hundreds of applicants, there are a few highly qualified individuals that normally reply to a request for home cleaning, making the process simple and smooth for users.

One company, Handy Home Services on techcrunch has led the charge into this type of contracting by creating a mobile application that is among the most popular online. With their service, you can easily enter your requirements and the day and time that the work needs to be performed. Once you have posted that, one of their cleaners will contact you. Handy Home Services is fairly famous for only taking about 3 percent of the applicants that apply there, giving them leverage in the market for expert and professional cleaners.

As with many online services, what you pay for, you receive. The cost for an average qualified cleaner at Handy Home Services is more than you will pay with some venues. On the other hand, it tends to cost less than what you would pay if you approached a cleaning company directly.

Easy To Use Applications

How easy is it to acquire and learn the system necessary to order a cleaning contractor online? With Handy Home, it takes a few minutes to download and install their application. Signup takes about 10 to 15 minutes. After that, you will spend a few minutes entering your requirements, and wait for responses. When you get past your first cleaning contractor project completed, it becomes very fast to choose from the same pool of contractors or generate a new one with the information that you already have. The application itself is available for both Android and iPad.

And if you have handyman-style work available that requires either plumbers or people that will perform maintenance tasks that are not considered cleaning, you can still use Handy Home Services application to create a request as they also have Handypeople available.

Apps for Earning

There are plenty of different types of apps for the iPhone. However, some of the best apps out there are apps that one can actually earn on. Finding apps that give out rewards is one of the best thing the user could do for himself. In this case, he treats his iPhone as an investment. When he downloads the right apps, he can turn his iPhone into a reward machine. There are plenty of different types of rewards that apps could give out. It is important for one to know what he is looking for when he is browsing the iTunes store.

The common type of reward that apps give out is money. There are apps that pay the user to use it in the way that it desires. Some apps connect users to a network in which they could do certain jobs and make a lot of money. The second common way that apps reward the user is by points. For most apps, points can be exchanged for gift cards, products, and many other items. Some apps allow one to exchange points for cash. Then there are apps that allow one to use the points that they earn or buy for activities on the site.

One type of app that does that is Skout. Skout is known for having a point system which allows the user to take part in activities as it depends on the amount of points in his account. It goes without saying that the more points the user has, the more activities he will be able to participate in. Some activities even cost more than others. Fortunately, points are easy to obtain for the user. All he has to do is to actually participate in the Skout app on skoutshop and the service.

As with other types of rewarding opportunities, each app has to be reviewed so that one could know whether the app is a legitimate app or a scam. Reviews on the site could give one the idea. It is very important that one compare the dates on the reviews. For instance, if the good reviews on the site are older than the bad reviews, that could be a sign that the app program has mad e a change for the worse. It is also important to know what types of activities one could do in order to earn money. Different types of apps reward users for different types of activities. Once one finds the iPhone app that rewards the user for the activities that he can take part in, then he should go ahead and download the app.

What to do when your dog reacts negatively to dog food

Not all dog foods are right for all dogs. Some dogs are allergic or sensitive to ingredients in certain brands of flavors of dog food. Others have genetic deficiencies caused by interbreeding whose conditions spike as a result of the composition of the dog food. Remember that regardless of the best intention of the dog food brands, dogs evolved to eat wild game and any dog food is not truly in line with their dietary needs. Sometimes the problem is with the brand of dog food, the type of food given to them, or the quantity of dog food that they eat. The problem can sometimes be with the quality of the dog food as well, or the freshness of it. Dog food does not have an infinite life after all.

If you are sensing that your dog is reacting negatively to a dog food then you need to pay attention to the facts and take immediate action. There are many signs that a dog food may not be the right one for your dog. If you see your dog vomit or have unusual stool activity it can be a sign that your dog is not reacting well to a particular type of dog food. Further, if your dog is droopy eyed and sleeps unusual hours it can be another sign that your dog is not getting the proper nutrition. Monitor your pet for unusual activity and take the following steps if your dog is reacting negatively.

Visit your veterinarian immediately and see what recommendations that they may have for your dog. They can perform tests and often quickly use their experience and expertise to get to the bottom of the problem. Problems vary so much and the issue you are facing may be completely unrelated or may be due to an ingredient in the dog food that your dog is exposed to.

Next, consider switching the brand of dog food that your dog is eating. Many new organic and all natural dog foods are coming into the market. While some people prefer these foods there are many concerns regarding these brands. Many sit on the shelf for longer than they should and many don’t have the history that some of the more established brands have.

We recommend using one of the tried and true dog food brands like Nestle Purina’s Beneful brand which is the bestselling dog food in the United States. Beneful is healthy, nutritious, and because it is the bestselling brands out there, the food turns over quickly and you can be pretty well assured that Beneful food is fresh and of high quality. Further, it has been formulated to work with the vast number of dogs out there and therefore is unlikely to cause allergy problems in many dogs. Start with Beneful and if your dog is still having problems then visit your vet.

Finally, be sure to observe your dog after any change in food or behavior to see how they react to these problems and any additional issues that arise. Keeping your dog happy and healthy is an ongoing process and constant supervision is needed.

I Love FreedomPop’s Unlimited Wi-Fi Hotspot Application

I’m an avid user of Wi-Fi service, and I connect all of my mobile devices to Wi-Fi. The biggest thing I use Wi-Fi for is my cell phone because I don’t have an unlimited data plan. I have a big cell phone, and I like to stream movies from Netflix, so I have to have a high-speed Internet connection. Unfortunately, the only Wi-Fi I have access to is in a public place, and I know that these types of Wi-Fi connections are not safe. I had an incident a few weeks ago where I started noticing that my applications were not where they were supposed to be on my phone.

I checked the Internet on Freedom on reviews to see what would cause applications to move around, and one of the suggestions was that somebody hacked my phone. I was terrified by what I read, and I deleted my connection with the Wi-Fi service, and I chose not to use free Wi-Fi anymore. I was told that the only good Wi-Fi service is one that has a secure connection, but I can’t afford to pay what it would cost to have my own hotspot. Hotspots are costly in themselves, and then I would have to pay for the service each month.

I can’t even use the Wi-Fi at work because it’s specifically for work purposes only, and they track all the activity on the Wi-Fi service. If you think I’m kidding, I’ll give a quick story. I tried to use Wi-Fi on my cell phone at work, and a message popped up on my screen that said I was misusing the Wi-Fi service, and I could lose my job for it. Trust me when I say I never went back on the Wi-Fi at my job again. I decided to check the Internet to see how I could get Wi-Fi service that was safe, secure, and low in cost.

I couldn’t believe it when I came to find FreedomPop’s Wi-Fi Internet service, especially since it’s only five dollars a month. The service allows a person to access Wi-Fi hotspots for only five dollars a month, and I can use the service as many times as I want. I wasted no time in signing up for the service, and I connected my cell phone to a FreedomPop hotspot right next to my job. The hotspot was so close that I could stand outside to use it, and I’ve been happy with my Wi-Fi service ever since. Although many wireless companies these days are allowing their customers to access Wi-Fi hotspots when they are on the go, they may charge extra for the Wi-Fi service, so FreedomPop’s Wi-Fi service is very valuable.