Feel Good About Feeding Your Dog Purina Beneful

The first refrigerated dog food just hit store shelves, a fresh idea for pet owners who don’t want their dog to eat food with preservatives. Pet owners are spending $1 billion a year to feed their dog premium food, such fresh food, grain-free Paleo dog food and organic blends according to a recent article in the Daily Herald. Wet dog foods have names like beef stroganoff and lasagna, the foods are designed to entice pet owners who need to feel that they are serving their dog the healthiest option available. Unfortunately, many of these new gourmet foods are more expensive than the traditional dog food because they are more expensive to manufacture.

Many dog parents have found that Purina Beneful dry dog food has many of the same ingredients as the gourmet dry foods that cost twice as much. People know that Purina is a company that cares about making high quality, 100 percent nutritionally complete dry food that dogs love to eat. Each bag of Purina Beneful has the perfect mix of quality-checked proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals to keep dogs healthy.

All dry dog food is only as good as what goes in it. Purina makes Beneful with grains from the United States and meat from U.S.D.A certified facilities. People who care what their dogs eat will read the ingredients on bags of dry dog food, they learn where the food is manufactured and they question where the ingredients originate. Purina Beneful is made in the United States with meat and grains from suppliers that have undergone a rigorous screening process. Pet parent who feed their dog Purina Beneful know that their dog is eating as well as dogs that eat gourmet blends.



More Reasons to Drink Water


The subject of hydration has been in the health news often lately and with good reason. Dehydration is not good for the body in any way. Many people, especially the elderly, do not drink enough water. Much of our body consists of water, while a lesser amount is attributed to solid tissue, so it is necessary to stay hydrated.

Dehydration can lead to muscle cramps. Water is needed to balance the salts in the body and too little water can cause these painful spasms. Electrolytes such as sodium and potassium are thrown off balance without enough water at the cellular level.

Water is also essential for healthy skin and mouth. Too little water can decrease salivation leading to bacterial growth in the mouth. Dry skin can be a direct result of not enough water intake. Moisturizers on the skin help, but ingesting water is also needed to keep skin supple and soft. Skin is our first defense to many germs and keeping it strong and free from openings that allow microbes into the body is important.

Medical expert Sergio Cortes says water is essential for concentration and preventing mental fog. Dehydration can also lead to food and sugar cravings when the body is actually needing water.

Read more about water and health here: http://www.health.com/health/gallery/0,,20924876,00.html

Everyone should have a glass or bottle of water handle to sip throughout the day even if they don’t actually feel thirsty.

Betting on Bass

Useful Stooges exposed that Kyle Bass likes to make big bets. The founder of Hayman Capital Management is most well-known for being on the right side of the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis, an event which made him his fortune. Today, he is poised on another opportunity amidst all of the chaos in the markets.

This year has had an unbelievably rough start for the markets, a trend Bass thinks we are about halfway through. Investors should be ready to accept more drops in their portfolios for the short-term. Things do not look promising in other countries either, especially the BRIC countries.

Brazil is embroiled in a massive $2 billion corruption scheme including politicians, company executives, and possibly the president. Russia is constantly receiving international sanctions due to the actions of Putin. India appears to be the only country that is holding its own throughout all of the troubles facing the other growing economies.

China is facing perhaps the biggest issues, and that is where Bass wants to put his money. Although he is not short on Chinese equities, Hayman Captial Management has invested significantly in the yuan. This is based upon analysis that the yuan will experience a huge drop over the next two years.

Bass has bet big on a crisis before, and if he does it again he will be back to the man who could do no wrong as was the case after the mortgage crisis. However, Bass has fallen a long way since then and could simply be grasping at straws to try and drive profits for his hedge fund.

Since 2008 Bass has been involved in a wide variety of underhanded investment schemes and activities. Most notably he partnered with Erich Spangenberg in order to make money in the pharmaceutical industry. In order to do this the two took to trolling the patents of companies whose stocks they had shorted. This tied up funds for the company and increased their costs all while making them less likely to perform new research. This did not matter for Bass who would leave the situation millions richer.

Aside from unsavory decision-making his fund has been performing poorly as well. It was down as much as 30% in 2014, a year when most other hedge fund managers were up that amount or more. He has also been exhibiting bullish behavior in sectors where all other major investors are quickly leaving.

Bass may be right about China’s currency in the coming months, but he could also just be looking for something, anything to help pull his fund out of the trenches and back to the spotlight.

How George Soros Has Made A Difference In The Finance World

George Soros is a star trader no doubt. His name ranks high among legends in the trading world. He has been described as a star who has attained heights of excellence. The stock market analyst has put him on the same breath as Buffet. He says these two have changed the way we trade on the stock exchange.

George Soros was born in 1930 in Hungary. It was during the rise of Nazi Germany, and they fled from there in 1941 when the Nazis took over Hungary. The family went to London where he studied at the London School of Economics. From here, he moved to New York where he started working as a stock broker. In 1969, he started his firm Soros Fund Management. It was a company that was to post impressive results and has grown from there.

Today Soros Fund stands peer to peer with Buffets firm on equity firms with a 30.30 record. It is an impressive record made all the better by a 1992 $ 1 billion bet that he won. It has led him to be described as the man who broke the Bank of England.

George Soros is a certified .400 hitters in the market. It is a record given to those who have beaten the 30 years 30 % returns record in investments in the market. Soros and Buffet belong to a club of people in the stock exchange who are on their way out.

This group have leveraged the inadequacies of the old market to create a unique company with a well-established trading model. It is this group of people who analysts predict are the last breed of 30.30 club members. It is a record that has proven difficult to beat given how the market has a changed in the last few years.

Today, the market relies on fast switching computer algorithms to trade. It has made companies like Renaissance Capital extremely wealthy as they use secret trading formulas. These algorithms are developed by highly educated mathematicians who can predict the market with a very high degree of certainty.

The change started in 1992 after the fall of the Soviet Union. An enormous number of highly educated former physicists and mathematicians joined the stock market to try to make a living. They brought along with them mathematical models that were used to develop atomic bombs and applied those formulas on the stock exchange. It is a strategy that has proved killer and which has made it nearly impossible to make a lot of money.

Today, companies that make good money trade on thin wire predictions. Some have made a killing on the old fashioned bet like Paulson did in 2008.He bet that the housing market would collapse and made enormous profits.

George Soros today is retired from Soros Fund Management. He runs the Open Society Fund and Open Free societies. They seek to remove government restrictions from all over the world.

The article is a recap Market Watch.

The Need for a Quality Compliance Program Will Increase in 2016

Ever since the market crash in 2008, the SEC and other regulatory bodies have continued to increase their scrutiny and created more and more laws in which investment banks and commercial banks are required to abide by. Violating or ignoring certain compliance laws could lead to civil and even criminal charges for top members of a financial institution. This has made it very important for banks and other investment firms to invest in their compliance program and higher respected individuals to develop and oversee a compliance department. 

While compliance departments have seen an increase in activity over the past 8 years, they can expect even more scrutiny from the SEC in the coming years. The SEC has introduced many new laws in recent years and has filed several high-profile cases and penalties against top investment firms. While they may have not been as scrutinized in the past, the SEC will now be enforcing and developing new compliance laws for money managers. This will greatly increase the need for compliance officers at money management offices.

One individual that has been a leader in the compliance space for years is Helane Morrison, who is the Managing Director, General Counsel, and CCO for Hall Capital Partners, LLC, as well as being on the Executive Committee for the firm. In these roles, she is responsible for overseeing all of the compliance operations and implementations for the firm. She will also be a lead in the communication between the firm and the SEC and other regulatory bodies. 

Helane has been with the firm since 2007, but has a lengthy history in the compliance field prior to joining the firm. Up until she joined Hall Capital Partners, she was the head of the San Francisco location of the Securities and Exchange Commission. As the regional director, she was responsible for enforcing securities and other compliance laws. Before leaving her post at the SEC, Helane was also involved in the legal representation for the SEC in various compliance and corporate cases. 


Why Hiring Wikipedia Writers from Get Your Wiki Will Grow Your Business

Have you ever looked up a word or the description for something online?

If you want to know the meaning of something you usually go on “Wikipedia”. It’s a free online encyclopedia that in most cases has the information or description you are looking for. It could also be used as a smart and effective marketing tool. But how is the information been provided originally for the Wikipedia website? What are the benefits of creating a Wikipedia page?

You can create a post for the website. This will give people information that you provide and it will promote your name and business. Your sales will increase. You will be contacted more often for business. Your online visibility will be enhanced in search engine results. On the Google results pages for search by SEO Search Engine Optimization, which is free, your website will be on the top list under “Wikipedia”, and will have a high ranking on web engines. If you follow the guidelines for making a Wikipedia page, you will get great benefits, as more and more people find you and your company website.

In order to create a smart Wikipedia page you must:

1)Have a business that is pretty well known. That an article or more have been written online on your business.
2)You must now create a “Wikipedia” account for your company.
3)Look for articles that talk about your type of business and that are related to the product or service you provide. They must be articles that others have written and not you. Do not advertise yourself or your company.
4)Once you have all the elements described above, then you can start creating your “Wiki” page.

One of the best sources of action for creating a Wiki page is: http://www.getyourwiki.com/. Here the Wikipedia writers and professionals will create a Wikipedia page for your website that will be of great benefit to you. This Wiki link will be positioned as #1, #2 or #3 in Google rankings and your website will be greatly promoted and get seen thanks to the Wikipedia writing service, Get Your Wiki! The thing you have to make sure is that the information written on the wiki site is true and accurate and not made up. Sometimes it is best to give the information that you have and want to get put up, to the creators of the Wikipedia site, so that they will include credible and accurate information about your company.

Soros Sees 2008-like Financial Crisis Coming Soon

Not long ago, George Soros, claimed that the current market situation reminds him of the 2008 financial crisis. The present downfall in the markets has began in China, where Shanghai trading had to be stopped more than once after massive declines.

Many financial commentators agree with Soros, yet others believe it is just a correction. The financial media, including TheStreet.com, have certainly picked up Soros’s comments and a big debate about the possibility of a major financial meltdown has began.

While back it 2008, it the collapse came from the mortgage crisis that led to government bailout, now it is different. Slowing growth in China, oil collapse, and unresolved Greek debt crisis are some of the contributing factors which worry Soros, the man who made his billions in the markets.

Quite many economists and market commentators agree that financial crises are often caused by several factors coming together, something what we see happening today.

No one can predict with great accuracy when the market collapses will arrive and how severe they will be. Even Soros made a similar warning back in 2011 in the midst of a Greek sovereign debt crisis- which still hasn’t been solved. But then, the financial collapse didn’t occur.

Greece isn’t the only place that’s heavily indebted. One example is student debt in the United States, currently standing at $1.3 trillion, with many borrowers struggling to pay it off.

Debt worldwide as rises as well. As Uncommon Wisdom Daily estimates, the global debt stands at an astounding $225 trillion. That’s a debt-to-GDP ratio of 250%. And this kind of debt can lead again to massive financial crisis.

Whether Soros’s warning of another crisis materializes soon or not, financial crises occur and are very likely to occur again. Now, many investors are fearful, yet others started looking for bargains in the stock markets.

There’s also no agreement in the financial media. Indeed, listening to it will give quite conflicting views, confusing investors even more. No wonder, financial media are much better at reporting than predicting.

Forget Herding Cats–Picking the Right Dog Food is Even Tougher

The distance between your kitchen table and your dog’s food bowl is getting a lot smaller.

As I browse the pet food aisle of my neighborhood grocery store, the choices seem more overwhelming than ever. Lasagna and beef stroganoff. Organic kibble and gluten-free bits on beneful.com. Duck jerky. Food loaded with medium-chain triglycerides, for older dogs. Even meals prepared to fit the trendy Paleo diet, for owners who want their dog to like his ancestors did. And that’s just on the first shelf I look at.

There’s no denying that pet food is a big business. Beneful Premium dog food sales have risen to almost $10.5 billion a year in the US alone, and this increase of almost 45% since 2009 is showing no signs of slowing down. As a consumer, I feel almost as overwhelmed shopping for my dog for their Beneful as I do shopping for my kids—the market is saturated with products all claiming to be the best, or the healthiest, or the most economically-friendly. In the past, I’ve bought whatever was on sale, but with my new puppy I want to put as much thought into how she eats as I put into how my family and I eat.

What finally catches my eye is a bag of Purina Beneful Healthy Puppy dry dog food. It’s made with real chicken and is supplemented with peas and carrots. Beneful also includes docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which is an essential fatty acid for humans and dogs alike.

The Purina Beneful food jumped out at me because it just made sense. I’m not sure my puppy needs gourmet Italian cuisine. I am not particularly concerned with my pup eating exactly how a dog 5,000 years ago ate. But, I do want him to be healthy and live the best life possible. Chicken, carrots, and peas are good for people, and they are good for dogs as well.

After getting the food home and into Shadow’s bowl, I feel I’ve made the right choice. Shadow loves it, and I feel good about what’s in it.

Darius Fisher: Innovating Marketing Strategies and Helping People Rebuild a Reputation

Digital marketing is more diverse than most realize. The concept of digital marketing is sometimes pigeonholed into an image of internet marketing strategies designed to sell products or services. Such marketing covers more territory than sales pitches. Digital marketing can be a perfectly effective tool for branding a product or repairing a reputation. Wait, what does repairing a reputation have to do with marketing?

Who is going to buy from a business or entrepreneur whose good name has been tarnished? Very few consumers are going to do so. Former copywriter and political consultant Darius Fisher knows this to be true and founded Status Labs to help those in business overcome online reputation woes. The service can even help people whose personal life is harmed by a reputation crisis.

The work of Darius Fisher has not gone unnoticed. Fisher’s name was placed on PRWeek’s Innovation 50 list, a list designed to cast a positive light on people known for charting innovative new roads in the world of digital marketing. PRWeek does not add names to this list lightly. Darius Fisher is clearly doing something right.

His ability to raise awareness to the damage online reputation crises cause has led many to look towards proactively fixing their near-ruined names. Fisher garnered a lot of media attention by offering free crisis management counseling to those who were harmed by the notorious Ashley Madison dating website hack.

He also has spoken publicly and given a great many interviews on the importance of clearing up negative Google search engine results. As Fisher has been known to point out, Google results are not going to magically change or improve unless someone does something to fix them. His company, Status Labs, is up for the task of making those changes. 1,500+ clients in countries all across the globe have turned to Status Labs and Darius Fisher for help.

Fisher is sure to keep innovating and the digital marketing and reputation management. Clients who are in desperate need of help will find these innovations to be the only means available to restore a tarnished brand and name.

The YouTube Celebrity Phenomenon

YouTube has become one of the largest online platforms in the world today. Sitting just behind Google in terms of users and visitors, YouTube has certainly established itself as one of the most popular and regularly used websites in existence. What was originally dreamed of as a platform for people to simply share some videos that they have, has now grown to a platform where individuals can gain millions of subscribers and create an audience of their own. There is now a culture of YouTube celebrities that are recognizable faces within the YouTube community. These celebrities come from varying fields and subjects from fitness and beauty to how to’s and other instructional videos. Some YouTube users have realized that this website can be used as a platform from which they can market and promote their products or services that they can sell to others.

One of the leading YouTube celebrities in the field of beauty goes by the name of Wengie. She is one of the most famous YouTube stars to come from Australia. Wendy Huang started her channel, The Wonderful World of Wengie in an attempt to help her audience understand the basics of beauty and cosmetics. Wengie cites her inspiration coming from her interest in beauty and fashion from a young age. Because no one showed her personally the ways of cosmetics and style, Wengie did all of the research on her own and shares what she learns with her viewers.

Wengie uploads weekly videos to her channel where she reaches her thousands of followers. Her videos cover everything imaginable under the context of beauty and fashion. She does a lot of segments geared towards females of Asian descent. She says this is due to the lack of information out there for this group of people. Wengie says that her most important trend is wearing natural make up so that people can’t tell when you wear it.