Dan Newlin Makes Himself Accessible on Many Levels

When people that live in Florida see Dan Newlin they know that are getting someone that is an attorney for the people. This is a rare thing since there are so many people that practice law that become much more enticed with their own agendas. In the business world there are a lot of attorneys, but Dan Newlin has become a major player because he has made himself so accessible to clients.

He has won millions and he continues to fight the good fight for those that have personal injuries. With his #Dan project he is making himself easier for clients to find. With law offices in Chicago and Gainsville lots of clients in the south and north already know who he is. The #Dan project just gives him a wider forum to introduce himself to those potential clients in these cities and surrounding areas that may need his help.

Most people know the hashtag as something that is associated with Twitter. People put hashtag in front of words or phrases to make it easier for find their comments on social media sites like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Dan Newlin and his law offices recognized this change and adapted with the times. Dan managed to take things further by getting a phone number setup with #Dan so that clients could reach him easier. It shows that Newlin and his law offices are staying ahead of all the hot trends. This is a powerful thing that he has managed to do. He is still a relatively young lawyer, and this shows that Newlin is ahead of the curve in terms of his marketing process for his brand.

There certainly are a plethora of lawyers out there for Newlin to compete with, but he doesn’t have to spend a lot of time promoting his business. He has won enough cases and built enough a clientele list that precedes him. Newlin has taken his role as a lawyer seriously because he knows about the help that some clients will need. Some people that he represents will not even be able to speak during their trial because they are in the hospital. That is why it is so important for Newlin to know what he is doing. This is the thing that gives his clients and their families a peace of mind. His experience in the field of law is what has allowed families to leave their cases in the hands of Dan Newlin. He doesn’t take this lightly, and that is the reason that he has become the powerful attorney that he is today. The #Dan project is set to do really well because this project is getting a lot of news coverage.

Helpful Information On Using Beneful Pet Treats

Beneful is a dog food line owned by Purina. They produce several varieties of wet and dry food, as well as treats. Different types of meats are used in each blend. Beef, chicken, salmon, and eggs are primary ingredients used in the food. One recipe ensures dogs maintain a healthy weight. Another type is intended for best results in puppies. Outside of everyday meals for dogs, the Beneful line also includes nutritious dog treats. These treats are formulated with ingredients that help to ward off tooth decay and keep bones healthy. The treats come in two styles. Either in the form of twists, or as ridges. The ridges have a slice of meat placed across the center for the addition of great flavor. Dog owners with any sized breed category can choose from the two treat sizes. It is very important to keep the following in mind when using treats during training exercises with your pet. Please offer treats in a manner appropriate for the specific weight of the animal. Dog treats are only intended to be 10% or less of a canine’s caloric intake. If treats are offered, the amount of food in the bowl should be decreased for that day so the calories taken in balance. Also remember to check that the treat is properly chewed before digestion. Small dogs are lovable furry friends who define cute and cuddly. The miniature dog treat formula contains peanut butter and parsley. Breeds such as; Chihuahuas, Terriers, and Poodles, will love these small snacks packed with nutrition. A pet caretaker should remember that a two to five pound dog should only have one piece of this treat over a two day period. Medium dogs such as Boxers, Collies, Labrador Retrievers, and Bulldogs can benefit from Beneful dog treats on Walmart created just for their size. A 6 to 15 pound canine is allowed to enjoy one treat per day. This is the most popular family dog breed size. Each breed is better at one skill than the other. Many of them can fetch, bark, run, chase, catch, walk, and snuggle up to their owners as only best friends can. Large dog breeds are revered for many reasons. They obey well, are intelligent, and can help protect our homes. This size boasts of; Huskies, German Sheperds, Rottweillers, and Irish Setters. These big buddies are really just well loved gentle giants. It is important to research an animal before determining a proper feeding regimen. Treats are important in the care of a dog, but should only be used in moderation.

The Innovative Works Of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is an exceptional business man. He has many accolades and has been very active in healthcare and educational issues.He is a man that is highly sought out for public speaking engagements and has an intricate knowledge of computer science that propels him head and shoulders above his competition.

Many of his business ventures have surrounded his love of technology and helping others. He is always looking for new ways to help others to be more effective and efficient in what they do. A prime example of how Mr Pulier has done this is in the founding of PDT.

People Doing Things was founded in 1991, shortly after his graduation from Harvard. This company focuses on helping others to deal with the many issues that they are confronted with in terms of health care and education. The company seeks to help others through connecting them with the resources they need to establish a sound base to get the services they need.

As founder of Digital Evolution, Eric Pulier uses his knowledge of technology to make reaching solutions quicker and easier. His many innovations in healthcare delivery and educational attainment for others drew the attention of the White House. Eric Pulier was drafted as a key person to help the White House with projects focused on using technology as a means to bring better healthcare to many around the globe.

It should be noted that Eric Pulier has always been a go getter. By the time he was in the fourth grade he was programming computers. While still in high school he started his own data base company. He has always been very talented with technology and has always used this talent not only to serve himself, but always to help others.

This is also reflected in his development of cloud services for companies. As a director in the project he was most interested in being able to help companies work better, not necessarily harder. The key was to develop a system in which the companies could access and use information in order to help their workforce to work more productively and in a more efficient manner.

The cloud services that Mr Pulier developed has done just that. This service brings information technology to the companies as a service that can be accessed not only from the mainframe computers within the company, but also from external sources. This has exponentially increased the productivity of the companies and saved them money as well.

Eric Pulier has done everything that he can to offer the fastest and best information technology to a wide range of companies. These innovations have helped many people and have been a way that we have been connected one to another around the world.

Handy Series C Funding Proves Successful

In 2012 CEO Oisin Hanrahan had a goal and it was to establish his house servicing application, titled Handy, in the New York City marketplace. In the past three years the company and the application have grown in a a market that had, for the most part, seen some real depreciation. While other similar services were shuttering their doors, Handy was pushing forward and becoming a juggernaut in the NYC marketplace. Now Handy is making headlines after they secured a rousing $50 million via a Series C investment round via Fidelity Management.

Fidelity Management was the primary investor behind the $50 million that was dropped into the company but they are far from the only one. TPG Growth, Highland Capital, General Catalyst, and Revolution Growth have all invested into the company, which was once known as Handybook, and their combined efforts bring the valuation of the investments to $111 million. Though Handy is still making their name known across the broader marketplace, there is reason for optimism bubbling from the service.

Oisin Hanrahan detailed the success of his company by pointing out that they had bypassed their one millionth completed project. Hanrahan also said that Handy books more than 100,000 jobs every single month and these jobs are distributed between the 10,000 professionals who offer their services to customers. While 80% of these jobs are of the home cleaning variety, Hanrahan hopes that soon the application will be able to offer broader and more unique services for their customers.

In any event, Handy is focused on improving themselves immediately with the new venture capital. At the top of the list, as reported by TechCrunch, is Handy’s decision to really further their customer service quality. Typically these new apps run into issues where they quickly out grow their customer support, and end up angering clients in the process. Hanrahan and the rest of the Handy crew want to avoid this potential trap. Otherwise it appears that Hanrahan is planning on a web platform to expand Handy’s reach, thereby making it easier to access the service and even manage your bookings.

Airman Jon Urbana Is Finding New Purpose In Life

A new GoFundMe fundraiser was started by a man on a mission. Not everyone who knows Jon Urbana and the things that he has done on Facebook may have known how he felt toward the environment before he started up his camp, but now that he is pushing so hard for the fundraiser to be a success they can see what a caring man he is.

Jon Urbana is an FAA-certified airline master who was a professional athlete for a time, and while he enjoyed playing for Villanova lacrosse very much, he has other passions beyond that.

He enjoyed setting up Next Level Lacrosse Camp for youth to attend, and every day, the young professional is taking on new challenges.

Urbana is happy with where is life is at now, even though he no longer plays lacrosse, he’s traveling the country and documenting his travels on Instagram, and is happy to be doing good things for the earth in his day to day life.

Make your donation to Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force here.

The environment is everything to Jon, and all of the things that Ellipse USA’s Jon Urbana has done since ending his career as an athlete have given his life worth and meaning beyond playing lacrosse. Now an up and coming business development exec in Denver, Urbana has dedicated himself to Ellipse, his startup, as well as a personal website and blog, jonurbana.wordpress.com.

Jon has started to do more charity work than ever before, and he has worked hard to give the youth that come to his camp everything that they need from him. Next Level Lacrosse Camp has won its share of praise as a result, covered on numerous industry blogs and online publications.

Urbana has a great deal of passion for the things that he’s decided to take on, and he is a good example for young people to be looking up to in every way.

Follow Jon on Twitter at @jonurbana1.


There are lots of things to take away from a company who is not succeeding financially. Things like poor company performance and stock options all play a role financially. There are ways out of this distressing time.

Recently Brian Bonar sat down and gave some suggestions on how to fix this situation. Brian Bonar is a leading financial expert. He has seen it all. This is exactly why he is one of the more qualified people to answer this dilemma.

“Usually it’s not the manager’s fault. In some cases, there aren’t any bad managers. Sometimes employers are working under rules and regulations which no longer apply.”

This is one of the reasons why some companies fail financially. The rules are changing. If, however, the company doesn’t change with the rules, the company is going to be on a slippery slope.

How can this be changed?


This is one of the biggest issues companies face, according to Brian. Companies blame their issues on one problem. What it is, is a few problems being interlinked with one another. You couple that with outside factors, there is going to be distress.

Look at every conceivable issue and how to fix it. Don’t limit yourself financially. This is probably what got you into the mess in the first place.


“This is one of the more difficult things to do,” says Brian. In order to be positive, you have to be willing to criticize your own game plan. See where you are going wrong. It’s the only way. Review your own plan. If you haven’t reached a goal by a certain time, you might have to take a look at your current path. Are you on the right path? Should you be going a different direction? You want your customers to be honest with you, so you have to be honest with yourself.


This is why you have a board. Your board is supposed to see the bigger picture, not just the picture box window seat. Encourage your board to take more responsibility. Encourage them to accept accountability for their actions. If your board is not taking responsibility, how can you expect anyone else to financially.


When it comes to the finance world, you need to throw away the old management incentive plans. They don’t work anymore. Get rid of them. Come up with a new plan of action. Come up with new incentives to keep your people on their toes. You also need to treat everything like a crisis. If you treat things with a sense of urgency, more people on your team will step up their game. They won’t be so complacent or methodical.

Go on Brian’s website for more details. He has more to say on the subject. If more companies learned from Brian’s success, their success and cash flow would be much greater.

Great Works of a Hedge Fund Mogul

Kenneth Griffin is a 47 year old man who was born on October 15, 1968 in Daytona Beach, Florida. Ken Griffin is a graduate of Harvard University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics. He is the founding father and chief executive officer of a firm called Citadel. This firm is categorized among the largest investment firms in the world. This was concluded in March 2015 when its investment capital was estimated and amounted to $25 billion. In 2012 Forbes identified Griffin as one of the managers with high hedge funds earnings. Ken Griffin is the first man to give the highest amount of donation to an aid program at Harvard University. This donation of $150 million was given at the beginning of 2014. By May 2015 his net worth had an estimate of $6.6 billion.

Ken Griffin journey to success started when he joined Harvard University. He started investing after getting motivation from an article he read in the Forbes magazine. He went ahead starting a hedge fund in his second year. This fund was aimed at convertible bond arbitrage. He was able to capitalize the fund with $26500 from his family, friends and also from his grandmother. He came up with the installation of a satellite which was to assist him have access to real time market data. This investment strategy on turtletrader.com led to his success in 1987 since it enabled him preserve capital. He went ahead to launch another fund and he was able to manage over $1 million for the two funds. Griffin was provided with $1million for investing by Frank Meyer who is the founding father of Glenwood Capital LLC and was able to give back high returns of 70 percent to the investment.

In 1990, Griffin founded Citadel with $4.6 million. By 1998, the company had managed an investment capital of $1 billion and had a team of over 100employees who steered the growth. Citadel under Griffins’ management the company was recognized by CFO Magazine as one of the top 100 company in the world of finance. Griffin first time appearance in the Forbes 400 magazine was in 2003. At this time his net worth approximated to $60 million. He also appeared in the list at 34 as the youngest individual in self-made. At 35, Griffin was ranked as number eight in the list of under 40 richest Americans. His net worth has increased rapidly that by 2014 he had an estimate of $5.5 billion. Griffin has been credited for his great work and proper treatment to his employees by motivating them by providing free lunch and even organizing museum tours and fitness program for the employees.

Throughout his years in business, he has tried addressing issues related to market structure and financial regulations. He also took part in giving a testimonial at a U.S senate meeting. He stressed the on need of industry regulation. He felt that this would help in understanding the changes in market structures. Apart from being the head of Citadel, Kenneth serves in several board of members for example, he is a vice chair for the Chicago Public Education Fund. He has also engaged himself in donations in support of various projects.

Brian’s Skills in Financial Investment

As the effects of technology and globalization continues to drive the world into a more complex financial system, the world is turning to financial investors for solutions to the looming problem. The current growth in the financial markets on a global scale have greatly contributed to the issues that have been creating investment challenges for both individuals and corporate in the world today. With the risks and volatility of the industry, one can only be too careful to avoid unbearable pain in the event of a wrong move in the investments markets. As such, people with the expertise to see and analyze the trends of the market like Brian Bonar have become very useful in the society.

Brian Bonar is a highly respected member of the business society and he has built a name for himself with his several business startups that he has achieved under his belt. He is a renowned businessman and investor whose opinion on investments is highly regarded by players in the industry. When it comes to investment, nobody would want to lose their financial resources from investment that have gone bad. As such, services offered by professionals in the field like Bonar are crucial. This is what has made him very famous among his peers in the field and his reputation can be attributed to his ability to do so.

Brian Bonar has been in the field for years now offering financial advice to businesses and individuals. The paradox about his current career is that he is not a trained financial adviser since he has never done any course that is associated with anything to do with business. Nonetheless, he has gained a great wealth of experience in the field and this has sharpened his skills to make him one of the greatest financial advisers around the globe. He is however well educated with bachelors and a master’s degree in engineering to his name. He has come a long way to reach his current position as a financial adviser.

One of the greatest attributes that are easily picked up on Bonar’s character include his level of creativity. Over the years of his career, Bonar has been associated with a number of business management models that are being used in the organizations that he has had the privilege to serve. He has worked in various organizations in top leadership position sand he has influenced numerous growth stunts everywhere he goes. This can be attributed to his great skills in developing structure a creative characteristic that he developed while he was a child. He pursued his degrees in engineering to further his passion in creating structures only he did not know he would end up creating managerial working structures.

Add a Little Sparkle With Lime Crime Glitter

Every girl should be treated as a princess. She is beautiful, confident and has a personality that shines. She can show off that dazzling side by adding a touch of glitter to her cosmetics. Lime Crime is known for creating products to show off every personality. Their line of glitter products allow women to add a little sparkle to their look.

The Carousel Gloss is a line of lip gloss with a shimmering effect. There are five different colors, and each one is topped with a bit of glitter. Candy Apple is a ruby red shade with crimson glitter. Cherry On Top is a pink-red shade with a rainbow sparkle. The Present gloss is a rich berry shade with magenta glitter. Hollygram is an emerald shade with green glitter. The Snowsicle gloss is clear with rainbow glitter. The twisted look of each container resembles a carousel. Every pair of lips will shine when covered in this fabulous gloss.

The Zodiac Glitter is a fun series that represents the signs of the Zodiac. Girls love wearing products that represent their sign. The Aquarius sign is dark blue, the Capricorn sign is dark green and the Aries is pink. This glitter is never boring with colors that shift with every movement. The Zodiac Glitter products are great for women who want to treat themselves or a loved one to a personalized gift.

There is nothing more frustrating than glitter products that wear off over time. The Glitter Helper from Lime Crime is the perfect accessory for the Zodiac Glitter. It is designed to keep the glitter in place until she removes it herself. All she has to do is use her fingertip to apply a small dollop on her eyelid before applying the glitter. The glitter helper is water-resistant, safe for her eyes and can be used with all types of glitter products. It can also be used over regular eye shadow to create a dimensional look.

Girls who enjoy wearing glitter cosmetics should check out the Lime Crime products on Facebook. The Carousel Gloss and Zodiac Glitter products come in rich colors that always shimmer. Girls should always out the company website to see if new glitter products have been added to the line. The products can be found online or in stores that carry cosmetics.

Lime Crime is a beauty company that allows girls to express themselves with makeup. The inventory includes eye makeup, lip makeup and nail polish. Girls can find cosmetics in bright, dark and neutral shades to fit any look. There are even bold colors such as red, orange, blue and green. The rich colors and shades create a flawless look that makes every girl feel beautiful. All products are easy to apply, safe to use and cruelty-free.

How New Professionals Can Emulate Brian Bonar’s Success in Corporate Finance

Finance is a wide field that focuses on how liabilities and assets are managed in regard to certainty and uncertainty of the economy. Finance appreciates that the purchasing power of a currency unit may fall or rise over time. Professionals in this field aim at identifying the possible direction money value will take over time and advice companies, individual, and governments accordingly. Finance is mainly divided into public, corporate and personal sub categories.

In corporate field, financial experts are mainly involved in ensuring corporations find money to run the business, make acquisitions, and grow. These experts are also involved in planning the financial future of the corporation and managing the firm’s cash on hand. An individual in corporate finance field may work for a small company or a multinational corporation.

Brian Bonar is a corporate finance expert who has helped many corporations to grow. Currently, Bonar is the Chairman at Dalrada Financial Corporation. He was Adaptec’s Worldwide sales Manager and QMS’ Executive Director of Engineering. He has also previously worked at IBM U.K Ltd.

In order to have a successful career like Bonar, an individual must acquire and develop his or her problem solving skills. These skills will enable one to quickly perform tasks solve problems that his or her firm faces. Apart from problem solving skills, the individual should also have educational background in finance. Individuals from other backgrounds have also had successful corporate finance careers. Brain Bonar has a background in engineering.

The main duty for everyone in corporate finance is to create value for the firm he or she works for. This responsibility will never change. Corporate finance firms offer various services to clients. Some of the main services include banking, credit solutions, investment management, and buying and selling of securities. In all these fields, a corporate finance expert must use his or her skills to ensure the corporate achieve positive growth.
For one to enjoy a long successful career in corporate finance, one must deliver. The key is usually to develop strategies that will make one’s company successful over a long period of time. Instant success in corporate finance is usually translated as luck. Only professionals with quality strategies like Brian Bonar can ensure long term successes corporations.

Experts in corporate finance field get to enjoy lots of benefits. These individuals are generally paid well and live quality lives. They also enjoy working with lots people and solving problems that really matter. New professionals joining the field are encouraged to work with experienced experts like Bonar to benefits from their experiences.