Bruce Levenson, successful businessperson and humanitarian.

Early life and education.

Bruce D. Levenson was born on 1st October 1949 in Washington DC. His family then moved to Chevy Chase, Maryland where he grew up. Later on, he attended College at Washington University in St. Louis. He then graduated with a law degree from the American University. It was during his night law classes that he developed a love for journalism and began working for the Washington Star. From that point forward, he met and married his wife Karen with whom they got blessed with three sons.
Work and business.
United corporations Group (UCG): in 1977, Levenson in partnership with Ed Peskowitz founded UCG. The company headquarters were in Gaithersburg, Maryland. The business was all about publishing. First, they published Oil Express (a newspaper dealing with advancements in the Oil industry). As time went by, they acquired more newspapers and established a database of Oil Price Information Services (OPIS). To date, UCG operates as a private information company. They specialize in news and analysis of data concerning healthcare, mortgage banking, telecommunications, energy and technology among other industries. The company also owns and runs GasBuddy. GasBuddy is a mobile application that helps drivers to locate the gas stations with the lowest rates on a local level.
Atlanta Hawks: Atlanta Hawks LLC (formerly known as Atlanta Spirit LLC), came into being in 2004. Levenson and Peskowitz are the major shareholders. The owners are businesspersons who came together during the team’s acquisition/formation. They collectively own the basketball team and Phillips Arena. Here Levenson manages the team as a partner and forms part of the NBA Board of Governors.
In March 2014, Levenson, his wife and the Hawks basketball team and staff went on a trip to the U.S Holocaust Museum. While in Washington DC, Irene Boyarsky, Levenson’s mother-in-law (a survivor of the Holocaust) joined the team. Levenson took the opportunity to speak to the group about her experiences prior and throughout the tour period.
Bruce the Philanthropist.
Bruce and his wife get involved in many charity events. As early as the 80s Bruce and his wife gave funding to initiatives that helped the less-privileged youth. Some of these initiatives include the Peace Players, “I have a Dream”, and the Seed School program to mention but a few. He has maintained his philanthropic nature for as late as 2010 he funded and through the help of his wife spearheaded the start of a Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Management at the University of Maryland.

Igor Cornelsen: A History of Accurate Investment Advice

Igor Cornelsen is a retired banker and investment professional who is known for his mastery of the Brazilian stock market. Since 2011, Cornelsen has been the proprietor of a financial services company called Bainbridge Investments Inc. Cornelsen is known as a champion investor. A man who knows everything there is to know about investing in commodities and companies. His is knowledge born of experience. Cornelsen has over 20 years experience successfully investing in companies large and small and watching them exceed expectations.

In Brazil and many other parts of the world, the name Igor Cornelsen brings smiles to the faces of many people. That is because Cornelsen has made so much money for so many people. His basic philosophy has remained unchanged for decades. Invest for the long term. Focus your investment on damaged companies on the verge of rebounding rather than on damaged stocks. He has guided numerous people into investment opportunities where they were able to invest in undervalued companies and reap generous dividends for many years afterwards.

Igor Cornelsen brings a unique perspective to investing. He had been a high ranking official for several of the leading banks in Brazil. He was intimately involved in the machinations of numerous companies internationally. The investment advice he gave is practically guaranteed to make you money in the long term. He excels at preparing investors to make successful long term investments. Igor Cornelsen guides them through their due diligence and helps them to understand why one company is on the verge of success and another will fail. He has long advocated a diversified portfolio.

These days Igor Cornelsen spends tons of time relaxing in South Florida. Investing is his hobby. His full time job is working to master the game of golf. He just picks winners as entertainment. He talks about how important it is to teach young people about investment planning. To help them to identify good investment opportunities and understand their future will be bright if they make safe long-term investments. Two more keys to investing are to make the commitment to put a portion of your money aside and doing research on safe places to invest.

Are you looking for an investment opportunity with guaranteed growth? Ask Igor Cornelsen. His investment advice has made many people comfortable financially by helping them to identify companies with the infrastructure, aggressiveness, and opportunity to weather storms and achieve long-term success.

Can You Really Meet Using Skout And Do It Safely?

Probably the biggest bridge to cross when using an online meeting app like Skout is always the matter of whether or when two people should meet up in person if getting to know each other has sparked their interests. There really is no right or wrong answer for this scenario, and different sites will give different advice as to how to accomplish this. But as with all meeting tools there should be plenty of caution used when arranging for such a meetup.

Skout does its best to separate their users into the age-appropriate categories with teens aged 13-17 in one category, and adults aged 18 and older in another. Occasionally users will pose in the wrong age group, and if someone is believed to be doing this, they should be reported to Skout’s administrators. Teens should especially take care about planning to meet up with someone and should probably not do it alone or without consulting older adults such as parents, teachers, or older peers.

Skout has no real set-in-stone guidelines for the timetables of meeting up, but it’s advisable to only communicate within the app confines for a time before using other means such as personal emails or phone numbers. If there’s good reason to believe that each person is who they say they are, individuals may wish to arrange to meetup. They should plan for it to be in a public place that’s well-lit and where others can see them. If necessary, having friends or family along during the meeting can be a good idea just to be sure the situation is under control. There should never be any pressure to meet because time is not a substitute for being comfortable and safe meeting up, and if someone senses that the other person is inquiring too much personal information about them whether directly or more subtly, it’s always better to break off communication.

Often distance is the biggest factor in influencing when a person might meet up. Skout allows people in both close and far proximity to find each other, so if two locals find each other using the app, the time to meet up might be quicker and safer since the two already know the area and know what activities can be done locally. For someone traveling to meet up, this process will likely take more time and planning on their part to get an idea of what the area is like, but if it’s agreeable, the meet up can still go as planned.

FTC Launches New Tech Office

The Federal Trade Commission has launched a new office dedicated specifically to technology. The new Office of Technology Research and Investigation will keep an eye on all things technology, including connected vehicles and internet security. The goal of the group is to keep the government informed on all things tech so it can make better decisions when it comes to regulation.

My friend Fersen says that he has hope that the group will ultimately help protect the public from scams and ensure tat businesses are treating customers fairly and not implementing any procedures that are unfair to the american people. The FTC already as a Mobile Technology Unit that has made significant strides in regulations for mobile technology like cell phones and wireless internet. The hope is that the Office of Technology Research and Investigation will be able to do the same for other forms of technology and keep everyone honest as we move forward in this digital age.

Microsoft Is Giving Windows 10 Away For FREE!

China Users Are The Target Audience. Microsoft Wants To Get In Front Of Piracy In That Country.

The old saying, “nothing is free” is usually true, but maybe not this time. Microsoft has been battling piracy around the world, but especially in China. Almost 66 percent of all PC’s in China have a pirated version of windows installed. In order to reduce that percentage and then eliminate it altogether Microsoft is going to give everyone Windows 10 upgrades for free. The software is free for at least a year.

Microsoft is betting they can re-engage with millions of Chinese users with this offer. Windows 10 will be available in 190 countries in a couple of months. Lenovo is already planning to roll out the Windows 10 upgrade to its customer base as soon as the software is available.

But the piracy issue is not easily solved. Giving pirate users’ free Windows 10 software for a year may not be enough, especially in China. Don’t forget, China is the king of the knockoff business. They knockoff products better than anyone, and they sell those products cheaper than anyone else. According to the folks at Imaging Advantage, the big question is how much is the Windows 10 software going to cost the second year? The Chinese and just about every other culture wants a deal. If Microsoft drops the software ball the second year, the pirates will pick it up, and they will run directly to the bank with Microsoft’s money.

Android Auto is Now Available

Now you can use Android in your vehicle. Android Auto is officially available for Android devices running Android 5.0 and up as long as you’re in a car that supports it. For right now, the only vehicle sound systems that support Android Auto are made by Pioneer, but expect that number to grow dramatically now that the service is available for devices.

Android Auto was officially announced last year during Google’s I/O event and is essentially a way for Android apps to be customized to be viewed on a vehicle’s built-in infotainment system. JusBrazil says that with the service, apps like Google Maps and Google Music will run on your car’s infotainment system just as if they were built in as will other popular phone apps that have already built car-compatible versions, including Spotify, Kik, Pandora and Soundcloud. Not only will they look better in your car, but you’ll also be able to control them though voice controls and steering wheel buttons.

At Google I/O last year Google indicated that lots of vehicles were going to come with Android Auto built in by the end of the year While that didn’t quite happen in 2014, expect that it will likely happen in 2015.

Effective Spinal Care at North American Spine

Spinal health is important, especially for athletes. Spinal care is vital to improving health and gaining a competitive edge over other athletic opponents and contenders. Athletes taking part in demanding and laborious fitness regimes often push their bodies to the limit, causing serious strain and sometimes injury. For this very reason, spinal health is of upmost importance to successful and competitive athletes.

In addition to improving athletic performance, an athlete’s core strength and spinal health will aid in the body’s ability to resist and recover from injury and increase flexibility. Studies have shown that athletes who concentrate on constantly improving their spinal health are more likely to refrain from injury. They are also likely to have increased flexibility and improved power and agility. Key elements to success in the world of athletics.

However, when injury does occur it can sometimes be serious and career ending. To prevent this, athletes should take the necessary precautions to avoid injury. However, athletes who may be suffering from spinal injury should consider a minimally invasive procedure to repair the injury. When deciding on remedies to correct injury, it is recommended that patrons do their research to ensure the practice they choose is reputable and suits their needs to remedy the sustained injury.

Nominated for the Greater Dallas Business Ethics Award, North American Spine is the premier Dallas location for individuals with chronic back and neck pain. The award winning practice employs qualified board-certified physicians who provide both inpatient and outpatient procedures for people suffering from lingering spinal discomfort and injury.

North American Spine specializes in the AccuraScope procedure. AccuraScope is an outpatient technique that offers more benefits than most traditional marginally aggressive spinal surgery. By using progressive diagnostics like interoperative neuromonitoring during the procedure, AccuraScope allows doctors to more effectively treat patients due to improved precision.

More specifically, the AccuraScope procedure treats bulging discs, herniated discs, spinal stenosis, sciatica, annular tears, scar tissue, arthritis, and other conditions. Beyond the success rate of AccuraScope, it’s a fairly speedy procedure taking as little as 30 minutes to complete. Patients generally do not face much discomfort from the minimally invasive procedure.

North American Spine has been providing the AccuraScope procedure to patients for nearly six years. To date North American Spine has completed more than 8,000 AccureScope procedures, helping heal others and allow them to live pain free.

Amazon Beginning Packet Delivery With Drones


Amazon now beginning packet delivery through the use of drones.

Testing has began in Miami after authorization was granted Thursday by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the company to advance their research and development parcel delivery service through these unmanned aircraft.

After debuting in New York and Baltimore, this Amazon delivery method now comes to a dozen postal areas in Miami, in South Florida, and other cities in the northeastern United States.

The FAA has authorized testing of these devices in open spaces, below 122 meters and only during the day.

Also, Paul Mathieson said that if you stay up to date on SlideShare, you probably already know that the person who remotely controls the small aircraft must have a private pilot certificate must not lose sight of the aircraft during flight and any weather conditions should allow observation.

Experimenting with this new messaging service, called Prime Now, aims to reduce delivery to 30 minutes, even at hard to reach places, according to the company.

Amazon will also need to report monthly information on the activity of these drones, such as number of flights, flight hours, glitches, possible deviations from the instructions of air traffic controllers and any involuntary loss of communication.

Gay Alabama Couple Refuse To Leave Millions To Their Beloved University Of Alabama


Elliott Mitchell and Clark West Love Their Alma Mater But Alabama Position On Same-Sex Marriage Is An Issue

Discrimination has many destructive tentacles attached to it. We down realize the amount of damage that occurs when state’s try to step on the rights of their citizens. State’s do it in the name of the Bible, or they based their bigotry on religious beliefs. But the real reason they fight what they don’t understand is fear.

According to LinkedInElliott Mitchell and Clark West have been living quietly as a gay couple in Alabama for years, and they are sick of the blatant bigotry in the state where they first met. The couple met at the University of Alabama in 1972 and have been together ever since. They were married in Hawaii in 2013, and they now live in Florida.

Through the years, the couple has worried about the opposition to same-sex marriage in Alabama, but they still gave $1 million to the University ten years ago. They planned to leave their $15 million estate to UA, but the political events that transpired recently put a hold on that plan. They are so upset about the state ban on same-sex marriage they refuse to go back to the state where they met. It’s all about human rights, and Alabama has always had a problem accepting the rights of others.

Windows 10 is Coming This Summer

Windows 10 is on its way. Microsoft has announced that the newest version of its Windows operating system will officially launch this summer. If you already have Windows 7 or Windows 8 then you’ll be able to update to the new version of the operating system for free.

The operating system will be available at launch in 190 different countries and an astounding 111 languages, making it truly available to the majority of the world at the same time. At the same time it launches Windows 10 Microsoft plans on launching a new version of Windows for Internet of Things devices, the software will be available for things like ultrasound machines, ATMs and more.

The new version of Windows will look a lot like its predecessors. Much like Windows 8, the operating system will use Live Tiles to organize and store your apps. Christian Broda ( is excited to hear that the new version of the OS also has a new updated task view as well as updated native apps such as mail and Calendar that are built using responsive design, so they will automatically adjust to the size of the window you put them in.