Eric Lefkosky – The Fight Against Cancer

Eric Lefkofsky is described as serial entrepreneur. He is co-founder and chairman of Groupon which is a global e-commerce Fight Against Cancermarketplace. He’s also co-founder of Uptake Technologies which is a leading predictive analytics platform that houses some of the world’s largest industries. He has co-founded and co-chaired many other companies but one that is dear to his heart is Tempus. Tempus is a technology company that has developed an operating system to fight cancer. He is the co-founder of Tempus.

The journey to Tempus began when his wife Liz was diagnosed with breast cancer. This news sent the couple down a course that would change their life. They scrambled for information from wherever they could. It was at that point that the Eric’s entrepreneurial instincts mixed with the love for his wife inspired the birth of Tempus.

Lefkofsky immersed his life into understanding cancer and the health care system. He did a lot of research and was constantly consulting with doctors. Tempus has developed a technology platform which connects molecular and anatomic data and combines it with clinical data from medical systems all over the country. Because all the information is compiled in one place, this allows doctors to administer more personalized treatment and are generally more informed. Click Here for Tempus News .

Kevin White is the president of Tempus and is also the founding director of the Institute for Genomics and System Biology at the University of Chicago. He calls Lefkofsky a quick study. White is a geneticist by training while Lefkofsky is an entrepreneur. Both men are similarly minded in wanting to use modern technology to take cancer treatment to the next level. They really do make a great team because White looks at the scientific steps required to make a product successful while Eric inputs his wealth of experience in successful business building to figure out insights that could advance the state of a given industry.

Lefkofsky isn’t under the assumption that results will come quick. He knows that the journey will be a long one but an exciting one all the same. His dream is to bring technology to cancer treatment and ultimately to healthcare. for more .

Tony Petrello’s Leadership Raises Industry Standards And Contributions For Community

In 1992 Anthony Petrello, better known as Tony, was appointed as Chief Executive Officer for Nabors Industries LTD. Since then, the company has become a prominent provider for off-shore drilling rigs in the United States. Tony’s extraordinary vision for the company has allowed it to create innovative technologies, for some of the world’s successful oil and gas markets.

With Tony’s leadership, the company has single-handily transformed the entire industry. Nabor’s Industries LTD has created the most sophisticated and skilled workforce’s in off-shore drilling. The company continues to raise the bar for setting new standards of operational excellence.

Tony has an education background in law, and graduated with a J.D. degree from Harvard Law School. He also has a Master’s degree in Mathematics from Yale University.

Upon graduating from Law School, Tony was selected to join the New York law firm Baker & McKenzie. Prior to his departure in 1991, Tony was appointed Managing Partner with the law firm and focused his knowledge primarily on international arbitration, taxation and general corporate law.

Tony has become highly-successful throughout his career but continues to give back to the community. In 2016, Tony and his wife Cynthia Petrello, contributed to the Museum of Fine Arts, helping the organization raise more than $1.85 million. The philanthropic organization serves causes such as the arts, the AIDS disease, and homelessness. Tony also currently serves on the board of Texas Children’s Hospital.

Anthony Petrello has led Nabors Industries LTD based on the premise of doing business the right way. This standard has become his core principle, and the foundation in which Nabors Industries LTD continues to build upon successfully. Read more on

Thor Halvorssen’s Involvement In Human Rights Activism

Thor Halvorssen is a renowned human rights activist. He is also a successful film producer. His work focuses on public interest advocacy, individual rights and civil liberties, public policy and pro-democracy advocacy. His relentless passion and prominence in the field saw The New York Times describe him as a “Maverick who champions the underdog and the powerless.” In a 2013 profile feature, Buzzfeed posited that Thor Halvorssen “possesses a burning desire to correct the countless injustices of this world and he has committed himself to this task with an intensity to match that of the dictatorship he has placed in his sights.”

Thor is the founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum, an annual meeting that The Economist said was on its way to becoming a human-rights festival equivalent to the Davos economic forum. He serves as the president of the Human Rights Foundation. In addition, Thor is the patron of the Children’s Peace Movement organization in Czech and On Own Feet. He is also the founder of the Moving Picture Institute. Halvorssen owns a Norwegian news magazine, Ny Tid. Presently, Thor has collaborated with Bryan Singer in producing Robert Heinlein’s The Moon is a Harsh Mistress film. Over the years, he has featured on different prominent media channels such as The Washington Post, The New York Times, National Journal, BBC News, National Public Radio and Al-Jazeera. In 2010, he spoke at TEDx at the University of Pennsylvania.

The Venezuelan activist is an alumnus of the University of Pennsylvania where he studied Political Science. While in his first year at the University, his father, who served as an investigator of a Venezuelan Senate Commission, was arrested over terrorism charges and tortured in jail. Thor led a campaign that saw his father released. In 2004, he led a protest to demand for the justice of the people who were shot and wounded, including his mother, during peaceful protests. Thor was also heavily involved in campaigning for Lucent Technologies to advocate for the creation of an anti-slave labor policy that required China to certify that Lucent’s products were not fabricated using slave labor. He was the first executive director and CEO of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, a US-based civil liberties organization.

Securus Helping To Stop Flow Of Contraband In Prisons

Securus Technologies is a telecommunications company that is on the forefront of crime prevention. You have probably never heard of this telecommunications company because they only do business in with prisons and jails. If a prisoner wants to call the outside world, they must use this telecommunications company’s services.


But just how do they prevent crime? Securus Technologies has been innovating for decades. They record every single phone call that is made inside of the prison and they store these phone calls in a spectacularly large database. But what they do with this digital information is truly phenomenal.


A digital database on this scale would be impossible to monitor without innovation. You would have to hire hundreds, if not thousands of people to sit there and listen to all of these phone calls. But all of that manpower is replaced by a single software innovation that allows law enforcement to search the database for particular words or vocal signatures.


If at any point a person on the phone call mentions drugs or alcohol, the call is flagged. Drugs and alcohol are contraband in prison. People making phone calls about drugs and alcohol are likely trying to smuggle this contraband into the prison.


Getting information about the trafficking of contraband within a prison is pretty simple using this software. At the end of the day, law enforcement can sit there and listen to every phone call that mentions alcohol or drugs. It is an easy way to get out ahead of crime taking place inside of a prison.


And this software innovation does not only prevent crimes and prisons, it also identifies corrupt prison guards. Oftentimes, prison guards are the people importing contraband into a prison in order to make a profit. This software is helping to prevent crime inside and outside of a prison.


Four Ways You Can Damage Your Online Reputation

Most companies in today’s marketplace realize the importance of online reputation management. However, they may not be aware of all the issues that affect their reputation. A recent article in Adweek by James Jomer, talks about four issues that can really knock your company’s reputation down. One of the first issues is: You are being too sales oriented. You are pushing for the sale, rather than focusing on the benefit your product or service can provide to the customer.

It is recommended that you show this benefit by focusing on your followers. Let them share their content on your pages. It shows that you care about others. People will reciprocate by promoting your brand as well. You establish a relationship with followers rather than just sell things.

Another damaging issue discussed was that of ignoring user complaints. If someone purchased your product, but was not happy with what they received, it is a good idea to rectify the situation quickly. If avoid responding and think it will not matter, you are wrong. An unhappy customer, will let others know about their dissatisfaction and it can ruin your reputation quickly. Unhappy customers vent on the Internet.

A third issue and one that many people ignore, is not managing your brands mention in other areas of the Internet. Brands are talked about in places that may not be found by analytical tools. Your brand may be talked about on a forum, in personal emails and other areas not picked up by the tools. This is when manually monitoring your brand mentions can be much more helpful than using tools. Your customers may be complaining in areas you are not alerted to. This can damage your reputation without you even knowing about it.

The fourth thing mentioned in the article is about taking too long to respond to messages. That could be just a simple question about your product or service, before the person in makes a purchase. Delayed responses will make them think that you will not respond when they do purchase something. They will likely buy from the person who answers their questions quickly and accurately.

This just goes to show, that online reputation management has become a major factor in the success of any business. Even a brick and mortar business. People look for information online before they even go to a store to make a purchase. Managing your reputation on social media is critical even if you sell face to face.


Equities First UK – lending solutions to businesses and individual investors

Equities First Holdings is a company that specializes in developing practical and alternative lending solutions to individual investors and businesses. It provides loans to potential investors based on the effective evaluation regarding future performance and risks. The performance should be associated with the bonds, treasuries, and stocks.

According to history, Equities First was founded in 2002, and it is headquartered in Indiana. One of its satellite offices is in New York City. The company is 15 years old and has done more than 700 transactions. Globally, Equities First Holdings have nine offices, which include additional offices in cities such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Jakarta, and Bangkok. Equities First is a hyper-focused firm that allows its customers to operate on a deal-by-deal basis. It offers business investors straightforward and tailored transactions, which empower them to access funds quickly and efficiently.

In 2013, EFH was able to achieve a double-digit growth and international expansion. During this period, the total workforce of the firm was increased by 50 percent. It set a new record with a 45 percent increase in closed loans. Since its inception, the company has been experiencing an average annual growth of 30 percent. Most of its growth achievements are accelerated through its decision on the strategic partnership with the Meridian Equity Partners.

The company’s President, Mr. Al Christy understands that EFH’s growth is truly global and has remained active since 70 percent of the generated credits were with international parties. Executives of global public firms, businesses, and individual investors are in much need of these loans for many cases of business investments.

Sawyer Howitt: Future of Finance

Sawyer Howitt is set to take the finance world by storm. Only a senior in high school, Howitt has shown tremendous promise at a young age. He has headed up several philanthropic and business projects. While working for his father’s company, the Meriweather Group, he has taken on all sorts of tasks, including high level presentations. He plans on studying Entrepreneurial Finance at Columbia University and looks set to help businesses and entrepreneurs grow.

The Meriwether Group is full service company that aids entrepreneurs and businesses in their journey for growth and success. Some of their services include brand building, finance and strategy operations, and business development. The company takes a personalized approach to optimizing business success and offers an array of service that meets diverse needs. This type of environment is the perfect springboard for Sawyer as he begins his journey in the financial world. It will be interesting to see the heights that he can reach in the upcoming years.

Want to learn more about Sawyer Howitt of Portland? Click here.

Innovation and Fashionable Sense: A Match Made in Heaven?

Christopher Burch is a philosopher of sorts, a generalist; and investment strategist. His strategic ingenuity has served him well philosophically and in the form of prosperity. The following text, provides yet another unique way, Chris makes use of two evolving sectors, in way of sound investing:


Hand-holding applies to the pairing of technology and fashion: Does this make sense? When surmising the two sectors, over the decades—it is very pertinent. The two “roomies,” so to speak, have been best friends for years. When fashion is combined, appropriately, with technology, the results are tremendous. In order to better understand this concept, the history of the two sectors, requires exploration—that is, in order to understand what both elements offer future generations. (Thoughts of Chris Burch—however, not verbatim.)


Remember the Boom Box? Well if you do—Remember?–it was the mobile way individuals of the, young set, listened to tunes, during the 70’s. In the 80’s, the Boom Box was equally as popular—except, now, movie story lines made it so. During the 90’s: The Walkman was introduced and very much the trend. Eventually, the iPod became the focus—during the 21st century. The preceding example is used to show that technology and fashion, throughout the years, are companionable.


Currently fashion is easily combined with technology. We are seeing many up and coming designers, making use of technology, in the products they are designing. The activity is very captivating.


A designer, who truly captures the essence of fashion and technology is Anouk Wipprecht. Ms. Wipprechtt created the drink making dress—‘DareDroid’, and the self-painting dress—‘Pseudomorphs’. Ms. Wipprecht enjoys experimenting with fashion and technology: she says, in so doing, the process makes it possible for her to grow, more readily, as a designer.


Other designers have caught the spirit, too, of combining fashion and technology:


1—Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin devised neckwear, for bikers, that provides a handy airbag, when the rider begins to fall forward. The neckwear makes the bikers view, engagingly clear. No helmet is necessary.


2—Ashwin Rajan and Kevin Cannon are the designers of the product ‘Frontline Gloves’. The gloves were created for firefighters. The idea is: electronic elements, attached to the gloves, allow one firefighter to let the other fire fighter know the “coast is clear,” or that there is “danger ahead.” Too, the gloves are useful from the standpoint, by making use of signaling, using the gloves, the fireman is not wasting oxygen, by openly communicating.


3—SegraSegra creates very stylish jackets and T-shirts, making use of recycled materials—originating from bicycle inner-tubes.


4—Emma Whiteside, used her creativity, in designing a very large gown, out of recycled radiator copper.


5—Currently, Soledad Martin is working on a prototype of a shoe that makes use of a walker’s movements, in order to charge up a cellular device.


6—Designer Diane Von Furstenberg, made use of her runway models, in order to introduce Google Glass.


It is really quite obvious, that fashion makes introductions for technology and technology can make introductions for fashion. The products, produced, makes for a mellifluous world, with refinement being the by-product.


Notes Regarding Christopher Burch:


Christopher Burch began his career, when he created the fashion line that became known as ‘Eagles Eye Apparel’. Chris eventually sold the company—that resulted, in a deal, in the millions of dollars. He currently is involved in the activity of creative investment. He looks at products; as well as the people behind the products, in order to make sound investment decisions. The name of Chris’s company is: Burch Creative Capital. His investment decisions have brought him, much, in the way of continued prosperity.


Some of Chris’s investments include: ED by Ellen Degeneres, Poppin, Aliph, Powermat, Voss Water, and many more. Chris has seen 50 various brands become successful, with regard to his investment portfolio. Chris, as well, invests in real estate. One of his foremost properties is a resort, located on the beautiful Island of Sumba. It is this type of creativity that allows Chris to move forward—with boundless success.



Sujit Choudhry’s Role on Comparative Constitutional Law

The comparative constitutional law has grown tremendously in the past 20 years. Increased advocacy for democracy among nations, concrete human rights laws, and the proximity of the field among the major figures in governments such as judges and politicians are some of the factors that have contributed to its growth and maturity.

This particular field has been instrumental in creating constitutional laws for most autocratic countries. The leading international personalities in this particular realm, for instance, Sujit Choudhry have researched and written new ideas and concepts on comparative constitutional law, thereby assisting nations struggling with democracy, ethnicity, secession, federalism, and decentralization move from one form of government to the next.  See and read more on

Sujit in particular, holds law degrees from Oxford, Harvard, and Toronto. He has served as a professor in distinctive Law Faculties at several universities before joining UC Berkeley as a professor of Law. Sujit Choudhry founded the world’s first university-based Center for Constitutional Transitions. The sole purpose of this organization is to generate and mobilize knowledge that supports the building of stable constitutions, by harnessing international expertise to research projects that offer better policy options to practitioners.

Sujit’s works are internationally recognized, and for this reason, he has had opportunities to work on different constitutional making and review bodies in various regions of the world. He has worked with the UN Mediation body, he has been a consultant to the World Bank, and has been a foreign expert on various constitutional transitions in different African and Asian countries, for instance Tunisia, Jordan, and Egypt.


Have a peek at his page


Sujit Choudhry‘s scholarly publications are significant. He has written peer-reviewed journals, books, articles, and reports on comparative constitutional law, some of which are being referenced by other authors. He is also an editorial member to some of the renowned Law publishing bodies as well as international Law bodies were his expertise is highly appreciated.

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Brian Torchin Has Some Really Good Medical Staffing Ideas

The HCRC Staffing Agency was created by Brian Torchin to help others in the medical profession find jobs that they want and are qualified for. He has been showing the medical industry that there is not just one way to make a living as a medical professional. Here is how HCRC Staffing Agency may be able to help you when it comes to finding specialized work.

Medical Job Counseling

Brian feels that job counseling is near the top of the list when it comes to helping others in the medical profession. Employees often end up moving quickly from job to job in search of their personal specialty.

He has seen too many doctors and nurses who end up burnt out before they obtain the job they want in the first place. Services at HCRC Staffing Agency hope to find you your preference right away.

Medical Job Placement

Job placement services available allow clients to start a job as soon as it is available. HCRC keeps important jobs filled with qualified staff all over the country.

Those who come to HCRC will get placed quickly for the sake of the employer and employees.

Employee Verification

HCRC goes beyond simply placing a warm body in an empty spot. Every professional must be approved by staff to ensure clients are getting the best employees available.

Candidates are welcome to approach employees of the staffing agency for a better explanation of what they must do in the future to become a more viable job candidate.

Medical Student Job Placement

Doctors, nurses, or technicians may all have a hard time finding work but it is most difficult for those just graduating college. HCRC Staffing Agency will line up interviews for you until you have been placed.

According to Glass Door, Brian Torchin has done a remarkable service for the medical community. If you are looking a job in the field, stop by HCRC Staffing Agency and they will help you find what you are looking for with no hassles.

They will counsel you about your dream career and keep you updated with immediate job placement opportunities.

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