Learning About The Higher Institution Of Learning Wessex Institute Of Technology

Wessex Institute of Technology is located at Ashurst Lodge which is located in the South of England amidst the New Forest National Park. The institute was founded by Professor Carlos Brebbia in 1986 and is involved three main activities; conferences, research, and publishing. The core of the Wessex Institute of Technology is to generate knowledge through bringing together scientists of different disciplines, as well as professional members of the community and having vigorous exchanges of information.  Check articles on theweek.co.uk.

Wessex has established collaborations with several European universities as well as UNICAMP in Brazil. Through these connections the institute holds around 25 conferences a year that focus on research specialties such as flood risk management, urban regeneration and sustainability, and advances in fluid mechanics. As part of their mission to disseminate scientific knowledge the institute also publishes papers through their WIT Press arm that includes journals, the proceedings of their conferences, and other specialized papers.

Doug Levitts Amazing Journey Of Self Discovery

Throughout history in the United States numerous artists have used the road for exploration. They have told stories about the individuals they met and added to American traditions. This was never more true than in the case of Doug Levitt.


Doug is both a songwriter and a singer. He spent seven years riding Greyhound busses all over the country. The trip encompassed 70.000 miles and resulted in what is known as the Greyhound Diaries. In 2007 this trip was an EP, in 2008 a book, amazing website photos, stories and videos.


He performed his songs, told his stories and shared his pictures on the stage of the Kennedy Center. This performance was Doug’s homecoming. He is the son of a Councilmember in DC and was once a correspondent for CNN. He went to public schools in DC, sang in a choir and played sports.


Doug left his life and embarked on the road because he had the need to become an artist. He felt this was his path. He saw the rampant poverty and thought going on the road and writing songs about their struggles might make a difference. He realized the reasons he was taking the journey were different than he originally believed. He was still trying to understand his fathers suicide and to find forgiveness for himself. He feels the process allowed him to grow.


Since Doug grew up in DC and attended public schools he was exposed to many different types of people. He feels DC reflects the countries struggles although they did not get hit with the worst of the countries crises in economics. Doug learned so much during his time on the road. The people he rode the bus with trusted him enough to share their stories and experiences. He was an artist, broke and fit in with everyone else. They were all trying to find their way.


The stories he heard will be passed on and the songs he wrote speak for everyone he rode those busses with. The Greyhound Diaries were his way of understanding not only the people he spoke with but himself as well.



The Main Advantages Of Subscribing To The Health Insurance Packages By US Health Group

US Health Group is an insurance providing firm that caters to the financial needs of patients seeking coverage for medical and non-medical specialties. The company has received numerous annual awards from various organizations over the years, such as One Planet Awards, Bronze IBA Awards, Stevie Awards, Word Awards, America Business Awards and many others. Troy McQuage, the chief executive officer of US Health, stated that the awards are a demonstration of the firm’s unmistakable excellence and truth in serving the society. In July 2016, Troy received an award as a winner for the contest of CEO of the Year in insurance, in the World Awards. The award recognizes the winner as a leading professional in innovation, leadership, new products, organizational performance, corporate responsibility, CEO case studies and milestones from across the world. Troy stated that the award which was a win among public and private companies’ across the world, was a testament to US Health Group’s focus and hard work in caring for its customers.


US Health Group incorporation is an insurance providing firm which operates from its headquarter offices in Ft. Worth, Texas. The business offers health insurance packages to self-employed persons and small business operators. The primary goal of the organization is to provide efficient coverage through the combination of talents from its employees and agents, who vigorously market the company’s products and services. The different health coverage available from US Health Group website includes SecureDental, Premier Vision, Premier Choice, Secure Advantage, MedGuard, Income Protector, Life Protector, Accident Protector, PPO Networks and Essential Health Benefit. The organization caters to non-medical needs of its patients with the inclusion of the Income Protector package. In the case of hospitalization, an individual can cover the medical bills and general expenses without incurring more charges at the workplace. Another major advantage of the product is the coverage it provides to an individual who cannot continue attending work due to disabling injuries.


US Health allows clients to access their products on their user-friendly website, which requests one to only submit an insured date of birth, valid email address, and policy number. The site features full information about the organization’s benefits and healthcare programs. Some of the advantages enlisted on the site include a full view of a prescription drug treatment options and costs, patient’s prescription history and plan, personalized savings, home delivery options, the comparison of brand and generic treatment costs, and a portal to suggest topics that a doctor should analyze. US Health manages to provide quality services with collaboration from partners such as MultiPlan, FirstChoice, Devon, CenterCare, Cofinity, ABC, DenteMax, CareMark, and Cigna. US Health Group has a history of 50 years in providing insurance to clients in the United States and across the world.

Top Staffing Company Diversant Led by John Goullet

Diversant is one of the many technology staffing companies that helps a number of businesses hire the ideal technology professionals. The firm has been around for many years and during this time has set itself apart from many other technology staffing firms. It has established itself as leading technology staffing firm due to its emphasis of the core values of teamwork, discipline and diversity. The firm often works with a number of different companies in a variety of industries. It also provides assistance to technology professionals who possess different skills and experience levels. As a result, Diversant offers both parties the help they need in order to reach their respective goals. Along with offering diversity, the firm also emphasizes teamwork to use a number of people to work towards a particular goal. Lastly, Diversant emphasizes discipline as its staff will continue to work with companies and technology professionals until they get the ideal employment arrangement established.

John Goullet is the acting principal of Diversant and therefore provides the organization with the leadership it needs in order to remain a top technology staffing firm. Over the years, John has embraced the firm’s core values which he believes will allow the organization to consistently reach its goals. Goullet believes that with diversity, his firm can help a number of companies get the technology workers that are best fit for their technology departments. He also believes that working with a number of technology professionals will help allow them to advance their career and get the best employment opportunity available. With teamwork and discipline, John believes that the firm will have the work ethic and tenacity required to meet the needs of clients on a regular basis.

While John has been the principal of Diversant for many years, he has also been in charge of his own staffing firm. In the mid 1990’s, John took advantage of the growing demand of companies looking for skilled technology workers. As a result, he looked to start a company that would help companies find technology professionals that can help them run their technology resources more efficiently. He also worked as a consultant for a number of computer companies at the beginning of his career.

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The Many Flavors Of EOS Lip Balms

EOS lip balms are one of the leading lip balm products on the market. They offer a full range of colorful and flavorful lip balms that hydrate and moisturize the lips. When EOS lip balms were first introduced over 7 years ago the co-founder and CEO Sanjiv Mehra never could have imagined it would skyrocket to the popularity that it did.

Over the course of the last 7 plus years EOS has sold millions and millions of lip care products to women and even men all over the world. Celebrities and everyday individuals love the unique shape as well as the wide range of colors and flavors. Until EOS hit the market most lip care products came in the same packaging with the same basic flavors.

The founders of EOS were looking for a way to make a distinguishable and fun lip balm and so the colorful egg shape design was born. Not only is the colorful egg design fun but it is also very convenient and easy to find and store. Nowadays EOS comes in more colors and flavors than ever before.

Some of the top flavors that EOS have to offer are vanilla mint, strawberry sorbet(http://www.target.com/p/eos-organic-lip-balm-sphere-strawberry-sorbet/-/A-13731791), blueberry acai, tangerine, and coconut milk. Some of the other unique flavors include pomegranate raspberry, vanilla mint, summer fruit, honeysuckle honeydew and blackberry nectar. The EOS lip balms are also available in a large variety of other flavors. EOS lip balms can be found online as well as in many different stores such as Target and Ulta.

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Class Dojo is an Effective Application for Educating Students

Maybe you have heard of Class Dojo or maybe not. Well, let me tell you about this educational application in case you do not know what it is. Class Dojo was made back in 2011. As of this writing, it is 6-years-old (this article was written in 2017). So, Class Dojo is still a fairly new software platform that allows parents and teachers to communicate with each other. Click on this related link.


Sam Chaudhary and Liam Dom made this mobile application to help teachers and students while they are in the classroom. It has also been made to assist parents as well. The premise of the application is to allow teachers to communicate with parents through real time contact about their child’s performance during school hours. Check amazon.com for more info.


The app is designed to promote positive behavior and it is a useful way for keep parents actively involved within their child’s education process. Not too long ago, most parents would just send their children to school and not deal with them until they got home at a later time in the day. View Here.


Often times, a parent would not know what their child was doing throughout the day or how they were performing academically. This is especially true if they were busy working trying to support the household.


Class Dojo makes it easy for teachers and parents to keep each other informed about students. Once both parties are signed up to the site; they can then enjoy the benefit of directly communicating with one another. This will then help both parties to be effective in a student’s education. See businessinsider.com to read more.

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Sujit Choudhry And His Expertise In Comparative Law

When looking at the relationship between the legal system or at the rules pertaining to more than one system, this is called comparative law. It highlights both their similarities as well as their differences. Comparative law is used in the comparison of legal systems often in relation to different cultures. It helps when trying to understand the legal systems of foreign countries. With the international laws being complex and intertwined, comparative law plays an important part in the unification of laws and the achievement of international harmony. Cooperation on an international level and a better sense of order in the world are the goals of comparative law.


Legislators often use foreign law in the drafting of new legislation. They are able to draw their inspiration from the laws of other countries. The comparison of different legal systems and laws is for specific areas within the law and academic discipline in regards to comparative law. The origins of comparative law go all the way back to Europe in the eighteenth century. Prior to this the legal scholars practiced what they called comparative methodologies. Montesquieu is regarded as one of the earliest founding figures in the field of comparative law.


Sujit Choudhry has been nationally recognized as an authority on comparative law. His experience in the field combined with the wide scope of his research has been responsible for his role in an advisory capacity. He has advised constitution building processes in Jordan, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Egypt, South Africa, Nepal, Tunisia and Libya. His research encompasses constitutional design and constitutional law. He has written extensively for constitutional law in Canada.

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More than ninety articles papers, chapters and reports have been published by

Sujit Choudhry. He is the founding director of a center designed for Constitutional Transitions. This center assembles experts in international networks to mobilize the knowledge supporting constitutional building. These experts are able to complete research that offers evidence based on policy options to the practitioners. Based on constitutional.com the center has partners throughout a global network which includes universities, NGO’s and multilateral organizations.


According to Wikipedia.com, Professor Choudhry holds numerous degrees in law. These degrees were earned at Toronto, Harvard and Oxford. He was a Rhodes Scholar in addition to being a law clerk for the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court located in Canada.  More on https://www.amazon.com/Books-Sujit-Choudhry/s?ie=UTF8&page=1&rh=n%3A283155%2Cp_27%3ASujit%20Choudhry

The Cleansing Conditioner That Will Solve All Your Hair Problems

If you’re a hair care enthusiast, chances are that by now you have heard of the almighty cleansing conditioner. This product manages to clean hair and make it shiny, soft and free of frizz without being a shampoo or conditioner. How is that even possible?

As it turns out, traditional commercial shampoos and conditioners do more harm than good. That’s because hair is actually extremely delicate and can’t take the harmful, aggressive chemicals that are used in most commercial hair care products. Ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate are harsh and strip hair of its natural protective oils, leaving it dry, frizzy and damaged almost beyond repair.

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That’s why there has been a hair revolution over the last couple of years. The cleansing conditioner has changed the way that we view hair care forever. Instead of relying on aggressive and toxic chemicals, cleansing conditioners gently clean and condition hair using plant-based products.

If your hair is dry and damaged and you are looking to get into cleansing conditioners, you should go with the 5-in-1 Cleansing Conditioner by WEN. This product has developed a cult following thanks to its unique ingredients that deeply nurture damaged hair and protect it from dryness.

WEN’s Cleansing Conditioner is somewhat of a miracle product because it can transform damaged hair in less than a week. Hair that was dry and dull can become soft and luscious again in no time.

This is because of the unique ingredients in the product’s formula. Natural botanical extracts like rosemary and chamomile soothe stressed out strands and gently rid hair of dirt and impurities. Vegetable glycerin, a natural moisturizer, gives hair a soft and shiny texture.

If you’re ready to ditch the shampoo and conditioner and switch to a more natural approach to hair care, pick up a bottle of WEN’s Cleansing Conditioner and let it do its magic. Your hair will be gorgeous again in no time.

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The journey towards establishing a successful investment firm

Over the years, hedge fund management has taken a positive turn to the best leading to increased market penetration and establishment of different business dynasties. This has led to the emergence and development of different types of hedge fund management firms worldwide. Ascendant Capital is a leading edge fund management firm that has invested in property development and advancement. The firm has global capabilities of bringing together income producing company to generate income by providing the best financial advice and opinion. The company focuses on high end individuals in the society and have continued supporting institutions to accomplish their financial goals. The firm partner with recognized managers around the world to create a market niche that benefits the intended consumer. Ascendant Capital has developed strategies that have helped them remain on top of other organizations. It believes if preserving customer relationship, financial transparency and offering communication services that maximize client resource output. The company focuses on private equity where it believes that this is the get way to successful investment opportunities. Another are is the investment in real estate industry where many investors taken keen interest in. finally, the company believes in hedge funds management which reduces investment risk while increasing and capitalizing on the available investment opportunities. Ascendant Capital focuses on product development for the client. Here, the company focuses on the needs of the client and offer appropriate advice pertaining the investment opportunity invest in. the company is headquartered in Austin, Texas in United States of America. As such, the company has grown tremendously over the years to increase ion its staffing while employing over 30 professionals.

Jeffry Schneider an innovator and investment guru that has helped in transforming the nature of conducting investment management and development. He is the founder of Ascendant Capital and has seen through its development from scratch into a multinational institution. He holds a degree from the University of Massachusetts which has acted as an important pivotal point in his advancement into the business of global investment. Jeffry Schneider has a wide range of skills in marketing, sales, management and financial structuring. As such, he has contributed positively in ensuring the companies grows its investment capacities to greater levels. He has been at the center of championing partnering with banking institutions and registered investment advisor.

Under his leadership, the company has raised over $1billion which has been attributed to his good governing and marketing strategies. He has been able to secure over 250 investment advisors for his company as a ploy to continue making Ascendant Capital a successful institution. Before joining Ascendant Capital, he worked in Axiom Capital Management where he also contributed positively in elevating the company’s performance in the market. As such, Jeffry Schneider has received a lot of recognition from the global arena.

Keep Up With Securus Technologies Relentless Pursuit of the Company’s Vision

Securus Technologies gives driving edge civil and criminal equity innovation solutions that enhances people well-being and modernizes the imprisonment experience. A huge number of items in public safety, law implementation and corrections agencies depend on Securus for secure, basic and effective innovation solutions that are constantly available and simple to utilize. With several licenses and scores of specialists, technologists, planners and masterminds coming up with solutions, the innovation here is second to none. Securus is focused on being the best supplier of cutting edge programming solutions, with the most service and product offerings of the best quality that give the best financial aspects to clients while keeping up highest customer service in the industry.

The company ensures interfacing of family and companions to those imprisoned to linking restorative office staff to basic data and connecting of inmates with technology. There is also linking the dots for investigate purposes while connecting urgent responders and dispathers to those in need. Securus Technologies is resolved to serve and link by offering incident management, emergency response, investigation, public information, inmate self-service, information management, communication, verification and monitoring of services and products while making the world a safer place to dwell.

Securus Technologies has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, and caters over 3,400 correction agencies, law enforcement and public utilities including more than 1.2 million detainees over North America. Besides, there are other four regional offices situated in Dallas and one in Atlanta, Georgia. Securus Technologies, Inc. is one of the biggest suppliers of parolee tracking, prisoner communications, and government information administration solutions, serving around 2,600 restorative offices in 45 states. These include the District of Columbia, Canada, Mexico, and more than 1,000,000 detainees across the nation. A perceived pioneer in offering far reaching, inventive specialized solutions and responsive customer services Securus’ only focus is to offer the specific needs of law enforcement communities and corrections.