Class Dojo Extends Helping Hands in and out of the Classroom

Fragile minds require nurture and stimulation twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Failure to continuously shape young minds results in wasted intelligence, stunted mental growth, and a lack of imagination. Teachers are a crucial part in the learning process, but parents play just as big of a part, and should undoubtedly be in tune with their children’s learning. With the influence of technology the world has been blessed with, certain applications make these necessary relationships easier to obtain as well as maintain, and each of them only has the child’s best interest in mind.

Class Dojo is an application that allows students, teachers, and parents to remain constantly connected through text messaging, pictures, and a student’s agenda for the week. By the parents being aware of a child’s current lesson, they are only able to further apply that lesson to daily life outside of the classroom. This empowers the students by establishing a solid foundation for them that will carry them throughout their entire lives in a positive, intelligent, and proper manner. This ground-up change takes young children and prepares them to be functioning members of society.

Two in three schools currently utilize this technology, and it is proving to have profound results in a multitude of communities across the globe. In a world lacking in cultural understanding and where intolerance tends to be demonstrated in schools, Class Dojo works against those downfalls by strengthing a cultural experience inside of the classroom that extends to a student’s home. This positive tolerance influenced by the application results in a sense of community that is hard to combat.

Typically, there are three types of learning: Visual, auditory, and kinetic, which has to do with touching or hands-on experimentation. Class Dojo extends its influence to each type of learner, which is crucial with diverse children. Additionally, the availability of this application eases the minds of each parent when they are away from their precious children, and that is certainly crucial in today’s world. Conclusively, this application is positive in a multitude of ways, and only shapes the minds of students in the intended way. The connection amongst educators, parents, and the children that Class Dojo strengthens benefits communities across the globe.


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